Custom Analyses

The global telecommunications market has come to be defined by frequent new entrants, major policy changes, rapid consumer adoption of new technologies and constantly changing challenges. In this environment, industry players must be able to distinguish between structural forces and fleeting fads when making critical business decisions.

Tarifica frequently prepares in-depth analyses of market trends, competitive strategies, regulatory practices, consumer expectations and new technologies. Tarifica’s analysts determine and analyze the underlying factors behind a trend or development and identify opportunities for operators to leverage or otherwise deal with these changes in the market.

Example of these reports include:

  • The potential of new plans, promotions and monetization schemes
  • The consequences of regulatory actions to increase market competition, reduce prices and raise service standards
  • The threat of new MVNOs or other players and their potential to drive market change
  • The opportunities and risks resulting from the adoption of new technologies
  • The significance of changes within consumers’ ever-evolving relationships with mobile and broadband services providers

Although each of these reports is tailored to the specific questions and needs of the client, Tarifica’s customized case studies and reports generally feature:

  • A Global Focus – Tarifica tracks mobile and fixed line operators in more than 80 countries around the world. This affords its analysts the ability to bring insights from other markets to bear on custom projects and to contextualize local events with global precedents.

  • Data Driven Conclusions – Tarifica leverages its industry leading Mobile Database and years of archival plan information for both mobile and fixed line services, which provide millions of pricing and service data points, when working on custom projects. These assets enable Tarifica to showcase industry trends, gauge the impact of market developments and compare regional discrepancies in ways typically not possible for clients to do on their own.

  • Strategic Insights from Industry Players – Tarifica has a wealth of contacts within all aspects of the telecommunications industry that it can call upon for input when creating custom analyses. This enables Tarifica’s reports to include judgements and observations from a global array of high level industry participants.

  • Measurement of Customer Value – Tarifica’s proprietary algorithm, known as the Tarifica Score™, provides a unique methodology for calculating the consumer value of prepaid and postpaid plans in any market and across markets. This enables Tarifica to conduct more accurate comparisons of plans and offer better insights regarding the success of new offers and strategies in existing markets.

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