Custom Benchmarking

Operators and regulators often have unique requirements when comparing markets or companies through benchmark reports. These can include services, metrics and historical timelines. Tarifica offers custom benchmark reports for clients that require benchmarking projects tailored to their specifications. Tarifica’s analysts work directly with the client to develop a one-of-a-kind report that will produce the results clients need for decision-making or presentation to regulators. Tarifica’s custom benchmark reports can feature any of the following characteristics:

  • OECD Methodology– Tarifica is experienced at creating benchmark reports by utilizing OECD methodology. This involves comparing operators’ prices across multiple countries for specific baskets of services (often based on light/medium/heavy user profiles). The findings of these studies can demonstrate competitiveness of specific plans, identify gaps in offer groupings, illuminate discrepancies among operators/countries and showcase the expected price of service bundles based on operator/country/region.

  • Historic Trend Analysis Clients frequently leverage Tarifica’s wealth of historical pricing data to design reports that showcase the evolution of services and prices across operators and countries. These reports can illustrate price changes over time, increases in service volumes by country and many other metrics.

  • Ongoing Coverage – Tarifica often creates recurring benchmark reports, which are delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis. By repeatedly applying the same metrics on a continuing basis, market observers are able to clearly see trends and track the evolution of services and prices.

Tarifica Score Benchmarks - Tarifica can also utilize its Tarifica Score™ to create a unique benchmarking study that provides comparisons based on a plan’s consumer value. This is a particularly effective tool for regulators looking to compare value received by residents of their country vs. similar markets. The use of the Tarifica Score results in unique benchmark reports that incorporate all plan elements, including: one time charges, included service volumes, device charges, operator coverage, download speeds and value added elements, ultimately creating a report that comprehensively compares plans within or across markets. This makes the findings and conclusions more accurate in terms of their ability to reflect customer perceptions of value in the marketplace and addresses the common problem of many benchmarking reports which rank plans by cost while admitting that different offers appeal to different types of customers and that cost is not always the best yardstick.

Any of these types of benchmark reports can include features such as scaling to purchasing power parity (PPP), segmentation of plans based on device type or payment options and/or inclusion/exclusion of excess usage charges.

Tarifica custom benchmark reports have been produced for both internal strategy development and for public presentations designed to demonstrate the competitiveness of selected offers.

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