Fixed Line Rate Files

Tarifica‚Äôs Fixed Line Pricing Database tracks rates and plans from over 125 operators in  
80 countries  around the world. The information is updated continuously.

Rates are available for the services listed below for businesses and consumers:

  • PSTN (local, national, international, calls to mobile)
  • Broadband
  • ADSL
  • ISDN
  • Bundles
  • Discount Schemes

The following are representative examples of how the data is used by various types of subscribers:

  • Fixed Line operators review the data to ensure that their prices and offers are competitive in their home markets. They also use the database to help gain a better understanding of offers and structures that operators in other markets, both near and far, have employed, with a goal of identifying best practices which can then be deployed at home.
  • Regulators rely on the database to benchmark prices and offers in their national markets against those in comparable countries. Doing so helps them to ensure that the entities which they regulate are providing competitive services at affordable prices.
  • Enterprises, and the consultants that serve them, use the database to help determine the most competitive rates in distant markets far from headquarters. They then leverage that information to better negotiate rates with service providers, both at home and abroad.

The Fixed Line Pricing Database is typically sold as an annual subscription, which includes six hours of analyst support to answer questions and for custom projects. Flexible subscription periods can be designed for clients that may need to use the database for shorter or longer durations. It is accessible directly from the Tarifica website via a user assigned login and password.

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