Historical Pricing Data

Tarifica’s archives contain years of data detailing every mobile and fixed line offer from hundreds of operators around the world. This information, which was compiled during the regular updates of Tarifica’s Mobile and Fixed Line Databases, powerfully illustrates market trends and provides a unique view of both the past and future of the worldwide telecommunications market. Tarifica can offer clients:

  • Comprehensive historical data – Tarifica can provide clients with a compiled data-set of mobile or fixed line plans, including information on all rates, fees, charges, allowances and service components from over 300 mobile and 125 fixed line operators in more than 80 countries around the world.

  • Custom historical data analysis – Tarifica’s custom analyses of historical pricing data are designed and prepared to meet clients’ specifications.

  • Consultative Approach – Tarifica’s analysts provide clients with further context and insights into the evolution of plan costs and service inclusions.

  • Flexible Deliverable – Deliverables of all custom historical data analysis projects can be prepared to meet diverse client requirements. Tarifica’s historical pricing data can be provided in either raw form – which can be used by clients to build reports, presentations and other analyses – or incorporated into a turnkey customized report by Tarifica’s analysts that includes graphs and charts.

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