Mobile Database

The Tarifica Mobile Database tracks every plan, offer and bundle from every major mobile operator in 66 countries around the world. The information, which is updated continuously, covers consumer and business plans, both prepaid and postpaid.

The tool is a true relational database that empowers users to search, sort, view, analyze and graph the wealth of data contained within it. Mobile plan searches can be based on any combination of price components and included services. A key benefit is the enormous savings in time and money spent by operators and regulators gathering and analyzing information on mobile plans. This leading-edge tool will reduce the time and cost of your efforts by at least an order of magnitude. It will give you the ability to access mobile plan information with depth and breadth we have never seen in internal databases, even from the largest operators. Click here to view client testimonials that detail how they leverage the Tarifica Mobile Database to save time, reduce costs and achieve levels of analysis that were previously virtually impossible. For example,

  • Mobile operators leverage the database to find specific plan details on new promotions and new plans as well as changes to existing plans - providing competitive intelligence on their home market. The database also provides an in-depth understanding of offers and structures that operators have employed in other markets, enabling users to identify creative practices which can then be deployed at home.
  • Telecom Regulators rely on the database to benchmark prices and offers in their national markets against comparable countries. Leveraging the Mobile Database ensures that the entities which they regulate are providing leading edge services at affordable prices.

The Mobile Database has over 30 fields for each plan covering every cost (one time charges, monthly charges, annual fees, excess usage charges, etc.), international calling rates, plan allotment volume (voice, SMS/MMS, data), volume conditions (on-net, off-net, peak/off-peak), value added services (e.g., free roaming, sports access, Wi-Fi access, free devices, banking applications, etc.), specific phones and other devices available with each plan and other terms and conditions (sharing, rollovers, promotions, throttling, contract periods, financial offers, alternative payment forms, etc.). If it is part of the mobile plan, it is in our database.

All promotions are noted and included as separate plans in order to support thorough pricing analyses. Plans with multiple financial options are also included in each form.

Users can rapidly obtain graphic views of any sets of data using pie charts, line charts, scatter diagrams and bar charts.

All information can also be downloaded to Excel for further analysis or historical storage.

The Mobile database also includes the Tarifica Score™ value for each plan. See the Tarifica Score section on this web site for a detailed explanation.

The Mobile Pricing Database is typically sold as an annual subscription, which includes six hours of analyst support to answer questions and for custom projects. Flexible subscription periods can be designed for clients that may need to use the database for shorter or longer durations. It is accessible directly from the Tarifica website via a user assigned login and password.

If you are tracking mobile service plans and are not using the Tarifica Mobile Database, you are wasting time and money. Contact us for a free demonstration.