Mobile Promotions Report

Tarifica's Mobile Promotions Report is a weekly overview of the promotions and contests offered by all the major mobile operators within an individual country. It serves as a critical tool for identifying, tracking and comparing innovative promotions and contests in near real-time.

The report is published in Excel format, with the spreadsheet updated weekly to enable a subscriber to view and analyze the full breadth of a year's promotions in a single, centralized file (each weekly update is presented as a separate tab). Tarifica's researchers also highlight when new plans have been added, making it easy to spot and analyze noteworthy additions. Moreover, each tab includes a filter that enables subscribers to sort by type of promotion, in addition to the pre-sorted operator view provided.

“The Mobile Promotions Report” can serve as a powerful tool for anyone looking to keep on top of the dynamic and rapidly changing promotional activities of mobile operators in a national market. It can be produced for any of the countries Tarifica tracks.

Tarifica's Mobile Promotions Report provides subscribers with:

  • A weekly, one-stop, resource that gives an overview of every promotional rate and contest offered by the major mobile operators in the country selected over the course of a year
  • The ability, during the subscription term, to view the evolution of promotions to gain insight into the promotional strategies of operators within the country. For example, subscribers can quickly and easily see if an operator groups its contests around holidays or during certain recurring periods, such as sporting events
  • An efficient way to track the full lifecycle of promotions and contests, including when they were first offered and how long they ran
  • A tool to filter each week's offers, making it easy to search on specific promotion types, including by device (smartphones, tablets) and service (voice, data, SMS)
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