Strategic Growth Advisory

Clients often leverage Tarifica’s unique vantage point to gain insights on critical business decisions. These interactions can range from simple conversational analyses to substantive research and consulting projects.

Tarifica’s perspective is derived from its distinct position in the telecommunications industry. Tarifica closely monitors forces driving change within the telecom market – from micro to macro – ranging from categorizing the latest trends in promotions and pricing to analyzing the structural factors behind consolidation and convergence. Tarifica’s daily work puts it at the center of the global telecommunications industry. This includes producing its weekly publication The Tarifica Alert, (which identifies key developments and changes in the industry), updating its detailed global database with new plans, measuring consumer value across all plans in key countries and working with clients and industry contacts.

Examples of previous advisory projects include:

  • Prepared case studies examining the business models of insurgent/disruptive operators
  • Examined and assessed the potential impact of new uses of technologies such as Wi-Fi calling and mobile VoIP
  • Presented options for flexible offerings that enable users to customize their plans
  • Reviewed holiday tie-in and culture-based promotional strategies
  • Identified market-by-market trends in value added services such as live sports, streaming music and mobile money
  • Consulted on strategies for partnering with OTT providers

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