As a management consultant or telecom expense management (TEM) firm, you help clients manage a full range of telecom expenses including: inventory management, network services, telecom bill audit, and RFP development. Having access to the latest, most detailed tariff data will ensure that your clients secure the best possible plans and rates available.

With Tarifica, consultants and TEMs can…

  • Save the time and expense of researching rates one operator or country at a time
  • Secure better rates on new or renewal contracts by using Tarifica’s data during negotiations
  • Better advise clients on how to rationalize telecom expenses, in particular when those expenses are spread across multiple countries and regions
  • Counsel government agencies on the competitiveness of offers in regulated markets

Tarifica provides the following critical tools in support of consultants and TEMs…

  • A database of fixed and mobile pricing plans covering 81 countries that is searchable by country, service type and operator
  • Quarterly benchmark reports focused on pricing for the most competitive services in the most competitive markets
  • Custom reports and analyses designed to meet specific, and often unique, pricing information needs
  • Analyst support for answers to questions and for custom analyses