Fixed Line Operators

Fixed Line operators are faced with substantial customer retention challenges due to the entry of non-traditional competitors that are offering new and alternative services. To stay competitive, fixed line operators must promote the advantages of their offers and create competitive pricing strategies to combat the burgeoning phenomenon known as Fixed Mobile Substitution (FMS). Tarifica helps fixed operators keep abreast of the actions taken by their direct, as well as indirect, competitors, and gives them the tools to better track and understand new and creative approaches being used by their counterparts facing similar challenges in other markets around the globe.

Tarifica keeps fixed line operators informed by…

  • Tracking and assessing new and creative pricing strategies employed by fixed line operators worldwide, including those made in response to challenges from mobile competitors
  • Monitoring fixed and mobile broadband prices in 81 countries
  • Identifying low-priced competitors and their approaches to pricing
  • Providing easy access to the latest information on emerging market trends

Using Tarifica, fixed line operators can…

  • Proactively initiate competitive pricing strategies and bundles
  • Quickly and efficiently learn the pricing for local leased line access in distant markets
  • Keep abreast of the latest pricing developments, not only in their home markets, but around the world

Tarifica provides the following critical tools in support of fixed line operators…

  • A database of fixed and mobile pricing plans covering 81 countries that is searchable by country, service type and operator
  • Quarterly benchmark reports focused on pricing for the most competitive services in the most competitive markets
  • Custom reports and analyses, including online surveys, designed to meet an operator’s specific, and often unique, pricing information needs
  • Analyst support for answers to specific questions and for custom analyses