Mobile Operators

Mobility is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable areas in the telecom industry. The constant advent of new technologies and services has created a highly competitive landscape where new competitors, innovative pricing strategies and non-traditional service offerings are coming onto the scene every month. To both enhance existing customer loyalty and win new subscribers, mobile operators must differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering creative new plans for voice and data services. To maximize profits, mobile operators must manage every aspect of infrastructure cost including termination rates, international roaming and subsidized device offerings.

Tarifica can help mobile operators…

  • Understand competitors’ latest moves on prices, promotions and bundled offers
  • Gain a better view of new and creative approaches being used by operators in distant markets that may have relevance for their own pricing strategies
  • Create compelling bundles to better compete with other providers
  • Anticipate future moves by competitors

Using Tarifica, mobile operators can…

  • Proactively establish innovative and unique approaches to pricing that differentiate them from competitors
  • React early to unanticipated pricing action by competitors

Tarifica provides the following critical tools to support mobile operators…

  • A mobile pricing survey tracking the latest noteworthy plans introduced by operators in 50 countries around the globe, including an analysis and interpretation of each new plan and the strategy behind it
  • A database of pricing plans that is searchable by country, service type and operator, giving subscribers detailed insight into the pricing policies of their counterparts around the world
  • Quarterly benchmark reports focused on pricing for the most competitive services in the most competitive markets
  • Custom reports and analyses, including online surveys, designed to meet an operator’s specific, and often unique, pricing information needs
  • Analyst support for answers to specific questions and for custom analyses