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Fluid Edge Themes



The near constant state of flux in the telecom industry has created an environment in which operators must shape their near- and long-term strategies to account for potential new entrants, major regulatory policy changes, the emergence of new technologies, the launch of disruptive competitive offers and more. In this environment, operators must be able to distinguish between structural forces and fleeting fads when making critical business decisions.  Our clients leverage our unique industry vantage point and capabilities to help them navigate these challenges, whether it’s when launching a new plan, evaluating a competitor’s offer or identifying innovations from abroad, to name a few.

Core Consulting Principles

Tarifica’s consulting projects address many types of needs and span a wide range of delivery formats. We work to tailor the approach to the client. For example, we can provide customized datasets delivered in Excel, substantive written analyses, webinar presentations, or a combination of all three. While each project is unique in terms of scale and deliverable, they are all characterized by one or more the following traits:

  • Data Driven Conclusions – We have access to millions of points of current and historical plan and pricing data in our various databases. We believe our conclusions should be anchored in data, with every hypothesis tested and every assertion underpinned by supporting information, as well as our consultants’ years of industry experience.
  • A Global Focus– We track telecom offers in more than 80 countries in every region of the globe, giving us unrivaled insights into plan and pricing trends and developments occurring worldwide. This unique industry position enables us to recognize industry shifts and movements early on, accurately predict the success or failure of new initiatives and contextualize consumer response.
  • Tailored to Requirements – Our consulting projects take many forms ranging from customized datasets to designing end-to-end competitive strategies. We collaborate closely with clients throughout the entire life cycle of a project to ensure delivery of the information or guidance they need in a format that best meets those needs.