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Real-Time Data Extraction

Tarifica’s Real-time Data Extraction and Analytics service combines Tarifica’s unique industry expertise and technical skills to provide solutions that enable clients to understand their markets today and predict future trends. Tarifica’s software automatically collects every plan detail—including prices, services, features, available devices and any other relevant item—from virtually any operator or reseller anywhere in the world, ultimately creating a comprehensive record of market developments and trends. Tarifica’s technology and industry experts work with clients to tailor unique software solutions that enable those clients to track mobile and fixed line offerings and plan structures in their home markets. The resulting data is then vetted, packaged and delivered to the client in accordance with its priorities and needs.

Historical Pricing Data

The Tarifica Mobile Database tracks every plan, offer and bundle from every major mobile operator in 75 countries around the world. For each consumer and business plan, the database tracks and displays every rate, included feature and restriction. Subscribers can use the Tarifica Mobile Database to quickly locate and review crucial information about any mobile plan from more than 280 operators across the globe.

Tarifica Mobile Database

Tarifica’s archives contain years of data detailing every mobile and fixed line offer from hundreds of operators around the world. This information, which was compiled during the regular updates of Tarifica’s databases, offers clear insights into market trends and provides a unique view of both the past and future of the worldwide telecommunications market.