Regulators face the simultaneous challenges of protecting consumers while creating an equitable and fair competitive environment that fosters innovation and creates value. New competitors must be enticed to enter local markets by being offered a level playing field. More established competitors must be encouraged to innovate by creating new offers and services, while also upgrading existing networks and infrastructure. Tarifica can help regulators fulfill their mission of keeping these dynamics in balance and creating an environment in which consumers, traditional service providers and new entrants can all be successful.

Tarifica can help regulators fulfill their mission by…

  • Providing insight into pricing alternatives and new practices as they develop in neighboring countries and distant markets
  • Helping to anticipate the behavior of new participants in the market by analyzing the past and current pricing practices they have employed in other countries where they operate
  • Assessing the potential impact of new regulations, including the effect on pricing, based on the way other markets have reacted to similar regulations and/or developments

Using Tarifica, regulators can…

  • Compare fixed and mobile pricing for their home market with prices for similar services in up to 80 other countries
  • Track offers and pricing trends over time and in various locations
  • Monitor and evaluate levels of competition in their region and around the world
  • Easily access up-to-date pricing, along with customer acquisition and retention schemes, for home market participants

Tarifica provides the following critical tools in support of regulators….

  • A database of fixed and mobile pricing plans covering 81 countries that is searchable by country, service type and operator
  • Quarterly benchmark reports focused on pricing for the most competitive services in the most competitive markets
  • Custom reports and analyses designed to meet a regulator’s specific information needs
  • Analyst support for answers to specific questions and for custom analyses