The Expanding Tarifica Platform

Tarifica excels at gathering, analyzing and modeling pricing and product data in fast moving, complex markets. Tarifica has honed proprietary hybrid AI/human data science methodologies that allow it to go far beyond ‘scraping’ to provide customers with intricate data and technology solutions. In some cases, Tarifica tracks more than 50 market participants, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unique product records every day, each containing a robust range of changing features. In these dynamic environments, Tarifica: tracks all features and prices on a daily and even sub-daily basis; provides continuous quality control of all data feeds; archives records to create historical databases that are easily searchable by team members; and delivers pricing intelligence via a suite of sophisticated data analytic and modeling tools that guide the strategic pricing decisions of enterprise leaders.

While Tarifica has deep roots in the global telecom and wireless industry, it is quickly expanding its platform to other vertical markets that are characterized by similar fast moving and complex product and pricing dynamics. This includes industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, Financial Services, Automotive, CPG and more. Tarifica thrives in meeting the core characteristics of these markets:

      • Multivariate Offers – Tarifica can track thousands of features and pricing variables for each product, even when each feature/price variable can be changed independently of all others.
      • Fast Changing Markets – Tarifica’s software enables it to collect data in near real-time, monitoring markets with flash promotions, short-term discounts and constant price churn.
      • Crowded Fields – Tarifica excels at tracking many competitors and product types across multiple sales channels.
      • Complicated Terms – Tarifica’s analysts map every element from all tracked products to proprietary templates built for each customer.

In summary, the more complicated and dynamic the tracking, the greater the power of Tarifica.

Partnering With Tarifica to Expand the Reach of Your Solutions

The Tarifica Partner Network provides a powerful opportunity to expand the reach of your data, technology and systems solutions. Whether you’re looking to integrate dynamic product and pricing intelligence into current systems, acquire or resell data, build APIs, or consult across verticals, Tarifica is a great place to start.

Tarifica Welcomes Partners Who May Be Seeking or Offering Services and Solutions in the Following Areas:

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