Dynamic Telecom Pricing Intelligence

The global telecommunications market is transforming rapidly: disruptive new entrants, major policy changes, and constant consumer adoption of new technologies are all combining to create significant challenges and opportunities.

Tarifica’s state-of-the-art global plan and pricing datasets, modeling capabilities, software solutions, and team of industry expert analysts provide clients with unparalleled opportunities to make data-driven decisions in real-time and achieve strategic and operational goals.

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Unparalleled Data

Tarifica excels in the worldwide tracking of telecom plans, promotions, and prices, providing unmatched industry insights.
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Leading Technology

Tarifica provides best-in-class data delivery systems, accessible via user-friendly online platforms and personalized dashboards, empowering clients to swiftly convert data into market advantages.
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Data Driven Consulting

Tarifica’s team of seasoned analysts excels in harnessing our robust datasets to craft comprehensive studies, innovative pricing models, and strategic recommendations for a global clientele.

Welcome to Tarifica – Your Global Telecom Plan and Pricing Experts

Explore Tarifica and experience the difference – where telecom plan and pricing expertise meets unbiased insights. Discover how our industry leading products, commitment to accuracy, international perspective, and customized solutions can elevate your understanding of telecom markets worldwide.

At Tarifica, we specialize in providing best-in-class telecom plan and pricing expertise, making us the go-to source for tracking telecom plans, prices, and promotions worldwide. Our dedicated focus sets us apart, with a specialized data template meticulously designed for capturing and comparing various offer types. With visibility on every global telecom pricing and service trend, we excel at benchmarking plan prices across and within countries and regions, offering valuable insights into market competitiveness.
Our commitment to delivering accurate and comprehensive data is unwavering. Our in-depth data collection process covers every aspect of each telecom offer. To ensure the highest accuracy, our data undergoes thorough scrutiny through Tarifica's quality control algorithms and is subsequently reviewed by senior members of our dedicated research team. Our data is not just comprehensive; it's reliable.
With vast international experience garnered over many years, our analysts continuously track telecom offers in more than 35 countries representing every region of the world, providing ongoing insights into global trends. The team has researched and analyzed an additional 140 countries through special projects, further showcasing our global perspective. Serving clients worldwide, we are proud to deliver our insights in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility and relevance on a global scale.
Tarifica understands that every client is unique, and that's why we offer customized datasets and platforms tailored to each client’s specific goals and project requirements. Beyond our core products and services, we regularly produce bespoke deliverables such as customized datasets, written analyses, online competitive intelligence dashboards, and ongoing market trackers. Our commitment to meeting client needs is reflected in the diversity of our deliverables, ensuring that each client receives insights that truly matter to its business.

The Tarifica Advantage

Deep Industry Knowledge

Tarifica is the leading provider of plan and pricing data to the global telecom industry. Our products and services are backed by a staff of experienced analysts and consultants who provide expert analyses, market briefings and valuable advice to clients worldwide.

Flexibility and Customization

We understand the dynamic and rapidly evolving global telecommunications marketplace. Clients rely on our data and expertise to provide the flexibility and customization that are critical for competing in this dynamic environment.

Global Scope

Our clients include an extensive list of service providers, regulatory authorities, consultancies, and industry participants in every region of the globe.

Software Expertise

Our software engineers pair their coding expertise with our analysts’ industry know-how to develop state-of-the-art, data-driven technology solutions.