Dynamic Data Intelligence
for Next Generation Telecom Management

The global telecommunications market is transforming rapidly: disruptive new entrants, major policy changes, constant consumer adoption of new technologies are all combining to create significant challenges and opportunities.

Tarifica’s mission is to provide the Dynamic Data Intelligence that allows next generation operators, regulators and consultants to thrive in today’s environment.

Tarifica’s state-of-the-art global plan and pricing datasets, modeling capabilities, software solutions, and team of industry expert analysts provide clients with unparalleled opportunities to make data-driven decisions in real-time and achieve strategic and operational goals.

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Data & Analytics

Data and modeling are at the core of Tarifica’s offering. No company provides more global plan and pricing data at scale than Tarifica.
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Technology Solutions

Using AI-driven SaaS platforms, Tarifica converts data to predictive models and technology solutions for clients worldwide.
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Strategic Consulting

Tarifica’s team of pricing experts provides price modeling, strategy and innovation solutions for clients across industries.


The Arch Interface is a gateway to Tarifica’s expansive datasets. Arch is intuitive and easy-to-use so your team members can quickly access a range of database functionality to get the information and insights they need.

Arch is a robust interactive platform that provides search, sort, filter, and export capabilities. Users can download data into .csv or Excel files for further analysis, including connections with third party software solutions such as Tableau and JMP.

Tarifica’s Price Modeling Suite leverages Tarifica’s pricing algorithms, enabling telcom operators to develop targeted promotions, identify offers likely to over/underperform, and predict the performance of new plans. This digital suite is powered by Tarifica’s hedonic pricing models.

Algorithms leverage the dataset stored in Tarifica’s Arch platform to break down the specific value of every plan attribute (such as data allowance, minutes, SMS, operator network, etc.) relative to all other offers that are available in the market. Pricing estimates are generated on an operator-by-operator basis, incorporating factors like perceived network performance and operator brand strength. The models were developed by Tarifica’s data science team in partnership with several major telecom operators. Three core modules are included in the Price Modeling Suite: Component Optimizer, Range Finder, and Trendline.

Tarifica’s Data Science and Modeling capabilities bring analytics and data to the critical task of balancing customer value and business economics.

Operators face many challenges when developing new plans and offers. They typically need to balance multiple elements such as device pricing, data volume, included features, network speed and more. Tarifica’s Data Science capabilities, including Hedonic Modeling, help clients to better understand the value that each plan component contributes to pricing and overall consumer appeal.

Tarifica’s Daily Tracking Solutions keep your team ahead of competitor activity. Real-time deliverables highlight and update promotional activity across the entire market.

Daily tracking formats are customized to meet each client’s specific informational needs and presentation style and can be adapted at any time to address emerging strategic demands. With Tarifica’s Daily Tracking Service, everyone on your team always has a real-time view of the market tailored to their individual specifications and requirements.

Tarifica’s Front Line Sales Support leverages Tarifica’s extensive ongoing research on mobile and fixed line plans to provide sales staff with powerful counterpoints that can be used to undercut competing plans and offers and help drive sales.

Salespeople who can quickly and effectively counter competing offers at the point of sale are critical to winning new business in the mobile or fixed line services industry. Tarifica’s Front Line Sales Support empowers sales reps in real time by providing the data necessary to quickly react to opposing offers. The impact is powerful: faster sales close rates, reassured customers, and positive perceptions of sales staff.

With Tarifica’s PlanScout, clients’ end users have access to an easy-to-use, fast and powerful way to compare every mobile plan in a market based on the plan details, including price, that are most important to them.

PlanScout quickly queries Tarifica’s extensive database of plans and presents the key plan details specified by the user, such as data allowance, calling volume, number of text messages, monthly fee and any special or one-time costs. Finding the right mobile plan to meet any need and any budget has never been easier.


Deep Industry Knowledge

Tarifica is the leading provider of plan and pricing data to the global telecom industry. Tarifica's products and services are backed by a staff of experienced analysts and consultants who provide expert analyses, market briefings and valuable advice to clients worldwide.

Global Scope

Tarifica’s clients include an extensive list of operators, regulators, consultants and industry participants in every region of the globe.

Flexibility and Customization

Tarifica understands the dynamic and rapidly evolving global telecommunications marketplace. Clients rely on Tarifica’s data and expertise to provide the flexibility and customization that are critical for competing in this new environment.

Software Expertise

Tarifica’s software engineers pair their coding expertise with Tarifica’s analysts’ industry know-how to develop state-of-the-art data solutions.