Collecting, contextualizing and applying large telecom plan and pricing datasets is at the core of Tarifica’s value proposition and client impact…

Tarifica data was recently used by a major telecom regulator to drive its strategic analysis of the impact of MNO market consolidation on consumer mobile pricing.

Tarifica delivered six years of mobile plan and pricing data from 30 different peer markets. The significant dataset, which the client was not able to compile on its own, covered every mobile offer available in each country over the six-year span and included tens of thousands of individual plan entries.

Each entry contained separate fields for all pricing and service elements. The data enabled the client to perform like-for-like comparisons between countries where the number of operators remained constant and those where consolidation occurred and ultimately helped illuminate powerful mobile pricing trends and opportunities across the market landscape.

Tarifica’s technology tools and solutions are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use so client teams can access and leverage the data they need in real-time, wherever they are…

A Latin American operator uses ARCH to quickly and comprehensively track its competitors’ current offers, identify innovative plans from around the world that could be replicated in its home market, and prepare regulatory pricing compliance studies.

The same client team uses the database querying functions to locate noteworthy offers, the email alert feature to spot new and modified competitor plans in real-time, and the comparison function to view changing pricing dynamics across countries.

Tarifica’s data analytics help clients gain critical insights into the state of their markets and identify untapped opportunities for competitive advantage…

A major European operator recently engaged Tarifica to help predict future market changes and anticipate competitors’ moves. By collecting every plan/device pairing from every MNO and MVNO in its market seven days a week, 365 days per year, Tarifica analysts created a dynamic database that provides critical insights on device sales and consumer demand. From this data, Tarifica then developed several predictive analytic models that address key strategic issues:

  • Pricing
    Pricing decay on flagship smartphones – with Tarifica’s help, the client is able to answer the questions, “For how long after a major smartphone launch does the device hold its value?” and “At what point and rate do operators and re-sellers begin reducing prices?”
  • Consumer
    Consumer reaction to plan changes – By modeling how consumers respond to past pricing changes, Tarifica was able to predict the velocity and level of response to new offers and promotions.
  • Value
    Inherent value of mobile networks – Tarifica modeled the premium or discount an operator applies to its plans based on the inherent value of its mobile network (e.g. Vodafone +5.25%, Orange -1.09%, etc.) and how these modifiers change over time as consumers’ perceptions evolve.

Tarifica’s Benchmark Solutions help companies compile and analyze data across global markets and solve issues that otherwise might be too challenging to address…

A leading industry participant recently wanted to evaluate the minimum cost for low income consumers to purchase mobile data and determine to what extent regulation and taxes created barriers to entry for these mobile data users. Lacking the staff and expertise necessary to gather this data on a global scale, the client reached out to Tarifica.

Tarifica’s analysts developed five consumer benchmark solution models and determined the pricing for each across 125 countries. All costs, including recurring, one-time, incremental usage charges and taxation, were broken out to make it easy for the client to compare the cost drivers across all markets studied.

Tarifica’s global plan and pricing expertise makes it a powerful partner to collaborate with on critical strategic issues…

A client was recently struggling to differentiate its offers in a competitive market against more entrenched brands with stronger networks. Tarifica collaborated to develop a new line of plans aimed at disrupting the market. It then crafted a new series of promotions and add-ons to capitalize on the consumer interest the new plans had generated.

As part of the Tarifica consulting process, the firm’s analysts identified strategies that had been successful in other global markets and analyzed how these could be adapted and applied to maximum impact in the client’s market. Tarifica’s analysts also reviewed potential countermeasures that might be employed by competitors.

The engagement included the preparation of case studies, a review of consumer preferences and an analysis of the portfolios of all the country’s major operators. The Tarifica team was relied upon throughout the process: from conception, to offer development, to initial deployment, to ongoing adaptation.

In a period encompassing just two years, the client was able to grow its subscriber base from slightly over two million to more than six and a half million.

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