With over 15 years of experience tracking telecom plans and prices globally, Tarifica has been a trusted partner to many of the leading and most well-known services providers (both mobile and fixed broadband), regulatory authorities, transnational NGOs, consultancies, device manufacturers, and financial institutions. Our solutions cater to industry participants seeking enhanced market visibility, and we specialize in addressing business challenges related to the capture, review, notification, and analysis of telecom plans and prices worldwide.

The telecommunications market is a fast-paced environment that is constantly evolving. The introduction of technologies like 5G, the rise of immersive experiences such as AR/VR and the metaverse, the advent of specialized devices, targeted promotions, and other emerging trends all keep the industry in a perpetual state of change and fiercely competitive.

Having access to reliable plan and pricing data is crucial for telecom professionals in business intelligence, marketing, sales, finance, regulatory affairs, and the C Suite, as understanding market trends and competitive developments is essential for navigating this fast-paced environment.

We offer a suite of tools, platforms, and data tailored to meet the specific needs of each department within a telecom company. Our comprehensive data and SaaS solutions empower clients to navigate the competitive landscape effectively and with confidence.

Regulators play a vital role in ensuring a fair market by monitoring prices and the availability of telecom offers. Tarifica supports regulators in benchmarking telecom prices, identifying gaps in offerings, targeting new regulations, tracking emergent technologies, and visualizing services and costs over time. Our extensive experience includes providing regulators with comprehensive datasets, digital analytical tools, benchmarking solutions, and industry expertise.

We also collaborate closely with regulators to help bring transparency and consumer satisfaction to markets through our PlanScout comparison engine. This online tool serves as a central information hub where consumers can view on their computers or mobile devices the mobile and fixed broadband plans in the market that best meet their individual needs and budget requirements.

When consumers can compare options and choose economically appropriate plans, it not only fosters goodwill but also naturally applies downward pricing pressure to the market, enhancing competitiveness without the need for top-down regulations. Click here for more information on PlanScout

In an era where regulatory stakes are higher than ever, Tarifica stands as a proven partner capable of helping regulators fulfill their mandate.

Industry Organizations and NGOs: Pricing data plays a crucial role in analyzing the telecommunications industry and calculating the cost for a consumer to access the “internet economy.” Leading organizations like GSMA and the World Bank rely on our data to monitor global connectivity and calculate broadband affordability.

Consultancies: We collaborate closely with consultancies on large-scale engagements worldwide, providing the plan and pricing data that serves as the foundation for projects involving both public and private sector clients.

Device Manufacturers: Device manufacturers leverage our data for deeper insights into market trends, enabling them to develop relevant marketing strategies and identify countries ripe for expanded sales efforts.

Financial Institutions: Commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms often seek alternative sources of information in the quest for outsized returns. Our plan and pricing data represents one such alternative source, offering unique insights for investment decisions.

Throughout our history, participants across the telecom ecosystem have relied on Tarifica’s expertise, digital tools, and comprehensive data to meet critical needs and objectives.

See what our clients are saying about us…

Tarifica is a professional and reliable partner, always delivering high-quality benchmarks and analysis within the agreed timelines. I highly recommend Tarifica to anyone looking for a trusted and competent partner.

Gabriel Manole
Head of Product and Pricing, Europe
Orange SA

The price of mobile plans and devices is a critical input in the GSMA Mobile Connectivity Index, which measures the performance of 170 countries against the key enablers of mobile internet adoption. To measure and compare prices across markets, Tarifica has supplied pricing data for the Index since 2016 and the dataset they have developed is one of the most comprehensive available on mobile pricing in terms of the number of operators and countries included and the number of baskets considered.

Kalvin Bahia
Principal Economist

Since 2009, Tarifica has been an essential ally in tracking our mobile value propositions in the local telecoms market against competitor offerings. Their monthly insights identify new opportunities, and their algorithms provide a clear understanding of plan appeal as well as a benchmark of value in our offers. As a trusted partner, Tarifica helps us monitor the South African mobile market and emphasize the value of our offers to consumers. Drawing from our positive experiences, we confidently recommend Tarifica to businesses in search of robust competitive analysis and valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Boudier Coetzee
Portfolio Manager:  Mobile Postpaid Products
Telkom South Africa

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain was awarded Silver prize at the 2023 Gulf Customer Experience Awards for its implementation of PlanScout.