Tarifica stands as the foremost global authority in delivering comprehensive telecom plan, pricing, and device data. Our innovative software solutions, coupled with the expertise of our seasoned team of analysts, empower clients to navigate the intricate landscape of the telecommunications industry with precision.

At Tarifica, we understand that success in this dynamic environment requires access to information. As pioneers in the field, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with industry expertise, ensuring our clients receive a wealth of telecom intelligence tailored to propel them toward success.

Explore our range of products and services to unlock a new era of strategic possibilities and gain valuable insights into the competitive landscape, allowing you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Tarifica’s Telecom Pricing Intelligence Platform (TPIP) is a global database of telecom offers that allows users to instantly benchmark the price of mobile or fixed broadband service for any type of consumer. It provides users with visibility on the availability, features, and prices of telecom plans in their market, as well as perspective on how these offers compare with those in peer nations around the world. Key features include:

Broad Coverage TPIP’s coverage is continuously expanding, and it currently tracks scores of service providers in 40 countries across five continents. The platform captures all advertised consumer mobile, fixed broadband, and multi-play plans.

Advanced Benchmarking The platform’s central feature is its “Auto Benchmarking” capability, which allows users to seamlessly compare telecom prices across different countries and providers on an “apples-to-apples” basis. Subscribers can deploy the platform’s standard profiles or enter their own customized requirements, following which TPIP will instantly calculate the lowest price from every provider for each service – highlighting the true costs faced by consumers across providers and countries. The platform can plot these results over time, highlighting pricing trends and market movements longitudinally.

With Auto Benchmarking, users can break free from conventional OECD baskets and seamlessly adjust to dynamic shifts in consumption patterns, providing a responsive approach to real-world changes.

Data Visualizations The Telecom Pricing Intelligence Platform includes data visualizations that allow users to map the competitive landscape of each country and identify the relative positioning of each service provider.

Quarterly Updates The platform is updated quarterly at which time every telecom offer in each tracked country is captured and uploaded to the TPIP database. Subscribers enjoy comprehensive access to all current and historical data, with the flexibility to query, filter, and sort this information. Results can be downloaded into Excel for offline analysis.

PPP Comparisons and Built-in Exchange Rates Prices can be displayed in local currency, euros, or PPP adjusted US dollars. This pricing feature allows users to effortlessly compare costs across different countries and regions providing a comprehensive view of economic variations. Users can easily toggle between local currency, euros, or PPP adjusted US dollars, empowering them with the flexibility to make informed decisions based on real-time, globally contextualized monetary data.

Whether you’re a regulatory authority or a service provider, the Telecom Pricing Intelligence Platform stands out as an invaluable tool, offering significant benefits:

Regulatory Insights Regulators can use TPIP to evaluate the competitiveness of their home markets compared to peer countries globally, and to determine if citizens are getting a “fair” deal on telecom plans by benchmarking prices on a global scale.

Industry Applications Service providers leverage TPIP to identify and capitalize on global trends, strategically map their prices relative to competitors, and in preparation for discussions with regulators.

Elevate your telecom intelligence with the Telecom Pricing Intelligence Platform from Tarifica – the essential tool for navigating the complex and nuanced world of telecom pricing. It is an indispensable resource for staying informed, making strategic decisions, and thriving in this dynamic and competitive business environment.

Discover the seamless functionality of TPIP through its intuitive and feature-rich dashboard, showcasing a wealth of capabilities.

Effortlessly produce side-by-side country and operator comparisons, highlighting key insights.

Discover the platform’s versatility with a curated suite of interactive visualizations for insightful exploration.

Tarifica’s Arch platform is the premier solution for service providers and regulatory authorities seeking to track prices and promotions in real-time. It offers a 360-degree view of the market, allowing users to strategically navigate the competitive intricacies of their country’s telecom pricing environment.

Arch serves as the centralized hub for plan and pricing data and analysis across a client’s organization. As competitors unveil new promotions, implement discounts, and modify existing plans, Arch instantly captures these changes, seamlessly integrating them into sophisticated visualizations, reports, and tools for dissemination throughout the client’s organization. This centralized paradigm has revolutionized the tracking of mobile and fixed broadband offers, enabling rapid responses to ever evolving pricing landscapes.

Arch facilitates a deeper understanding of market trends via tailored dashboards customized to the unique needs and objectives of each subscribing group. This personalized approach transcends the conventional “one-size-fits-all” model, offering users a nuanced view that aligns with their tactical and strategic objectives.

Service providers gain a distinct advantage through Arch’s early notifications, providing timely alerts on market changes to enable swift and informed decision-making. As plans shift and new promotions surface, the platform automatically dispatches alerts via the client’s preferred communication channels, be it email, instant messaging, or other bespoke methods.

The Arch Digital Intelligence Platform marries real-time market data with personalized dashboards, empowering every business unit within the enterprise. This robust platform equips telecom professionals with the timely information and analytical tools required to comprehend market developments and proactively respond to changes and events in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry.

Unlock the full potential of Arch

    • Receive real-time alerts on plan, promotion, device, and price changes
    • Access a centralized database housing all captured plan and pricing information
    • Harness the power of interactive data visualizations
    • Establish customized dashboards tailored to specific departmental needs
    • Automate the generation of insightful reports
    • Seamlessly download datasets to Excel
    • Add the screenshot capture module to generate a visual record of all offers
    • Select weekly, monthly, or quarterly coverage if real-time data capture isn’t required
    • Choose the providers to track, including MNOs, MVNOs and Resellers
    • Customize the data structure to best match user requirements
    • And much more…

Stay on top of plan and pricing developments with Arch’s daily changes report and automated alerts

Instantly visualize the pricing landscape with Arch’s integrated heat maps

Track the evolution of plans over time with a single glance

In an era where mobile and fixed broadband services are deemed essential utilities, the telecom landscape can be perplexing for consumers to navigate. The typical marketplace has numerous providers, ever-evolving pricing structures, intricate services, and convoluted restrictions, making it challenging for individuals to make informed decisions.

To alleviate these challenges, regulatory authorities deploy Tarifica’s PlanScout system as a solution tailored for consumers. PlanScout can serve as the foundation of a unified national digital marketplace, providing citizens with an unbiased, comprehensive, and user-friendly platform to explore and purchase telecom services. This system is carefully crafted to simplify the process for individuals seeking a thorough understanding of available mobile, fixed broadband, and converged plans within the country.

Leveraging Tarifica’s daily data feeds, PlanScout empowers consumers to input their specific requirements, and then provides a curated selection of telecom plans that align with their needs and budgets. The side-by-side comparison feature facilitates informed decision-making, allowing consumers to make optimal choices for their telecom services.

PlanScout is uniquely customized to incorporate the branding of the regulatory authority, seamlessly integrating with the aesthetic of the official government website. The objective is to ensure that citizens recognize this valuable tool as a complimentary service provided by their national regulator.

Regulators subscribe to PlanScout with the aim of enhancing consumer satisfaction and introducing transparency to the telecommunications market. PlanScout assists consumers in identifying and purchasing telecom offers that best suit their needs and budget, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience within a complex marketplace, while its transparency helps to foster overall market competitiveness.

Users can instantly find plans that best match their needs and budget with PlanScout

PlanScout is crafted to seamlessly align with the branding and website of regulatory authorities

In prepaid-heavy markets, the offers advertised on service providers’ websites often do not represent a complete view of available plans and promotions. In such markets, some service providers adopt an alternative approach that involves sending details on new plans, top-up offers, and exclusive deals to their customers directly via SMS. Often referred to as “below-the-line” or BTL offers because they are unadvertised, the details in these text notifications are effectively invisible to competitors and the wider consuming public.

PlanDetector, Tarifica’s BTL plan and promotion tracking application, is designed to help service providers in such markets better understand their competitors’ “hidden” offers. This Android application, which can mimic any type of mobile user behavior, including making calls, streaming content, and browsing, is loaded onto several phones on a competitor’s network, each programmed to simulate the usage profile of a different consumer type. The application captures all offers sent by the competitor to these smartphones via SMS and then downloads the details to Tarifica’s data template where the data is standardized. The phones are controlled remotely by Tarifica personnel and can have their usage patterns adjusted at any time.

Post-standardization, the captured offers are seamlessly delivered to the client’s custom-designed frontend which is built on Tarifica’s Arch platform and includes analytical tools, data visualizations, and an alert system among other functionalities. Captured offers are systematically databased, creating an historical record over time.

This comprehensive solution gives service providers unparalleled visibility into below-the-line offers, enabling them to swiftly analyze and respond to competitors’ private moves. It can also be an indispensable tool for regulators seeking enhanced transparency into unpublished offers.

Unlocking a new dimension of market intelligence, PlanDetector empowers service providers to effortlessly track a competitor’s direct-to-consumer text-based offers like like those depicted below.

In a typical year, Tarifica compiles data from over 500 mobile and fixed broadband providers spanning across more than 175 countries. Our comprehensive coverage is made possible by a dedicated team of seasoned researchers and analysts, supported by a robust data capture and review methodology refined over a decade of experience.

Leveraging our extensive expertise, Tarifica is frequently enlisted by key industry stakeholders, including service providers, regulators, consultancies, NGOs, and financial institutions, to collaborate on tailored studies and projects. These bespoke engagements encompass a spectrum of services, ranging from one-time deliverables to continuous market tracking initiatives. Examples include:

  • Large-scale data collection projects
  • Benchmarking studies
  • In-depth analyses of smartphone pricing
  • Customized trackers
  • Rigorous deep dive analyses

Tarifica’s special projects team excels in adapting to diverse client needs, offering deliverables in various formats such as Excel datasets, analytical reports, slide presentations, webinars, customized online dashboards, and more. Our highly experienced staff and commitment to excellence ensure that our clients receive unparalleled insights and strategic intelligence for informed decision-making in connection with these bespoke engagements.

Since 2016, Tarifica has been the exclusive provider of custom pricing datasets for GSMA’s annual Mobile Connectivity Map. Access the interactive map by clicking on the image.

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