Tarifica specializes in tracking telecom offers, promotions, deals, plans, and prices on a global scale. Our exclusive focus is on capturing, structuring, databasing, and delivering comprehensive information that empowers service providers, regulatory authorities, and other industry participants. Trusted by many of the world’s largest telcos and national regulators, Tarifica’s data is instrumental in shaping ongoing business and regulatory decisions, market analyses, and forecasts.

In the dynamic telecommunications industry, plans, prices, and promotions are the frontlines of competition. Understanding the available offers and monitoring their evolution over time is crucial for comprehending the competitive dynamics of a country’s telecommunications market and identifying international industry trends.

This data can help:

  • Telecom Service Providers better understand competitors, react to emerging trends, and formulate successful bundling, promotions, pricing, and partnership strategies.
  • Regulatory Authorities and Industry Observers assess market competitiveness, guide rulemaking, and ensure the affordability and availability of telecommunications services for economic growth, education, and social advancement.

Capturing telecom data is no easy task due to the vast and complex marketplace. Challenges include:

  • Offer Complexity: Standardizing diverse offers and plans for meaningful comparison can be difficult, given the various service features, device options, pricing elements, and restrictions involved.
  • Importance of Promotions: Understanding the significance of short-term promotions and ‘teaser rate’ discounts is crucial, as these incentives frequently play a pivotal role in a plan’s appeal to consumers and can drive sales. Such offers often encompass additional perks such as OTT memberships, complimentary devices, discounts for multiple lines, and various other non-traditional benefits.
  • Volume of Competitors and Channels: Addressing the multitude of MNOs, broadband/fiber providers, cable TV companies, satellite operators, and MVNOs, each with different offerings and sales channels, requires a robust effort and high degree of expertise.

Tarifica employs a two-tiered methodology:

  • Industry Analysts: Our knowledgeable analysts dive into plan details and service contracts, mapping information onto Tarifica’s data templates for comprehensive coverage.
  • Quality Control Algorithms: After completing the website mapping of offers, our algorithms ensure accuracy by correcting anomalies, inconsistencies, or questionable values.

This battle-tested approach, coupled with senior team reviews, guarantees that our datasets are accurate, comprehensive, and tailored to address each client’s specific challenges.