Established in 2008 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, senior telecom industry analysts, and successful investors, Tarifica has emerged as a premier provider of competitive intelligence data for the global telecommunications industry. We specialize in capturing, structuring, and analyzing telecom plans, prices, promotions, and smartphone offers on a global scale.

Since 2016, Tarifica has led the way in revolutionizing its offerings, having moved beyond the standard Excel format, commonly used in the industry, to a suite of feature-rich SaaS solutions. These cutting-edge tools are designed to provide our clients with a centralized data resource, ensuring they have access to the competitive intelligence they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment.


We collect data worldwide, in both developed and developing regions and markets.


Our sole focus is on telecom plans and pricing which allows for the highest level of expertise.


We are comprehensive, accounting for every factor involved in the areas we research.


Our products and services are powered by large-scale data from the global telecom industry and a deep level of expertise gained from our singular focus. We leverage these core attributes to help our clients better understand their markets and deliver against their strategic initiatives. This unique perspective can benefit many constituents, including:


We work with service providers to help them monitor their competition, find market opportunities, respond to disruptive offers, retain existing subscribers, and win valuable new customers.


We help national telecom regulators assess and compare their markets relative to international peers so they can better evaluate competitiveness, and track offer evolution.


We work closely with many leading industry consulting firms, both global and regional, to provide current and/or historical data for a variety of strategic projects and uses.


We support a range of other industry participants, including device manufacturers, NGOs, industry groups, and investment firms that use our data for financial modeling, trend analysis, and identifying potential threats and market opportunities.


At Tarifica, we fuse our deep industry expertise with a global perspective, empowering our dedicated team of analysts, software engineers, and researchers. This seamless collaboration enables us to develop cutting-edge software tools and datasets that stand at the forefront of the industry. The result is a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions carefully tailored to address the distinct requirements of our clients, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness in the dynamic landscape of the telecommunications industry.

We leverage an extensive range of assets to support our clients, including:

Tarifica is exclusively focused on the global telecom plan market. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of all features, pricing structures, restrictions, and promotional strategies. Beyond providing detailed information on individual plans, we stay ahead of industry trends, analyze underlying value drivers, and monitor factors influencing competition.
Our datasets thoroughly track every element of each telecom offer in the market. With individual data templates for various plan types, including postpaid mobile, fixed broadband, with-device mobile, bundles, and promotions, we ensure that our information is presented in a cross-comparable format. Rigorous quality control reviews, driven by our proprietary algorithms and experienced staff, guarantee the accuracy of our data.
In a world where telecommunications trends can jump borders, our global coverage is a cornerstone of our business. Annually collecting data from over 175 countries, we offer insights that transcend regional boundaries. Tarifica's clients, located on every continent except Antarctica, benefit from our extensive reach.
Our solutions merge industry knowledge with technical prowess. Through continuous data collection, we feed market insights into robust SaaS platforms developed by our software professionals. This synergy enables service providers to swiftly convert data into market intelligence, empowering them in competitive scenarios. Regulatory authorities also benefit from enhanced oversight capabilities.
In supporting our clients, we offer a range of products and services, including datasets, market tracking digital platforms, customized competitive intelligence dashboards, bespoke analyses, and tailored benchmarking studies. Our goal is to provide actionable market insights that empower informed, data-driven decision-making.

Choose Tarifica as your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of global telecommunications. Together, we shape a future where strategic decisions are grounded in robust intelligence.


Leading players in the global telecom industry rely on Tarifica’s data and software to gain valuable insights and drive optimal performance.