Base Adds Unlimited Voice Calls for €5.00 on Entry-Level Postpaid Plan

Base Adds Unlimited Voice Calls for €5.00 on Entry-Level Postpaid Plan

Belgian operator Base has created a new entry-level postpaid plan, with unlimited voice calling to all networks as an add-on. The operator’s Based on You 15 plan normally comes with 3 GB of data and 300 minutes for €15.00 (US $17.16) per month; the unlimited voice service costs an extra €5.00 (US $5.72) per month.

The complete €20.00 (US $22.88) plan also includes unlimited SMS and 1 GB of cloud storage. Previously, the unlimited-calls option was available for higher-level postpaid plans for €2.00 (US $2.29) per month, and all Based on You customers already receive unlimited on-net calls.

Base is also offering all subscribers of its Based on You plans unlimited data free on 19 August, to celebrate World Photography Day and encourage customers to share their photos.

Tarifica’s Take

Base’s offering of this particular add-on seems to us to be a savvy move, for two main reasons. One, it is always appealing to customers when a benefit that previously was available only to higher-end subscribers is extended to lower-end subscribers. That sense of inclusion motivates uptake of services. And two, it responds to the fact that, despite the plethora of data-intensive features now available via mobile devices, traditional voice telephony is still extremely important to users across the spectrum of sophistication levels.

Based on You is a suite of postpaid plans, and therefore can be considered to target relatively higher-end or financially strong consumers. Within that category, the entry-level users are still likely to have more or less the same concerns and needs as the others, including a desire to expand voice calling well beyond 300 minutes, which is not a very large amount of calling time. The existing unlimited on-net is not likely to fully satisfy this desire, as Belgium, while a small country, is a developed one with three major operators. And as Base is the smallest by number of subscribers, it is a good idea for the operator to offer unlimited access to its competitors’ networks, as well.