Unique Datasets – No other provider offers the same level of detailed, real-time, and international telecom plan and pricing information. Tarifica’s datasets track critical business decisions made by telecom providers that have a direct impact on consumer purchasing behavior and, hence, the operators’ financial performance. New plan launches, heightened promotional activity, and price reductions can all serve as leading indicators of changes in an operator’s churn, ARPU/ARPA, and number of subscribers.

Comprehensive Information – For each offer that it tracks, Tarifica covers all key drivers of service (data volume/cap, speed, included smartphone, value added features, content partnerships, etc.) and price (one-time, recurring, device financing, and incremental). This enables users to fully understand the value proposition of each provider and rapidly model the likely market impact of new plans.

Timely Insights – Tarifica’s plan and pricing datasets are updated every day and this information is then immediately fed to subscribers, ensuring there are no delays between market changes and user alerts.

Dual Automated/Manual Approach – Telecom offers have notoriously complicated pricing structures and usage restrictions. Therefore, to comprehensively track this information every day, Tarifica pioneered a dual approach that relies on both web scrapers and seasoned industry analysts. First, analysts review the operator websites, reading through all contracts, terms and conditions, and promotional restrictions. This information is then “mapped” onto Tarifica’s web scrapers which monitor the websites every day – collecting the plan and pricing data. In the event of changes or new offers, the analysts are alerted and then immediately review the key details.

Industry Expertise and Market Tested – Tarifica counts many of the world’s largest mobile and fixed broadband operators as clients. Marketing managers, competitive intelligence analysts, economists, plan development specialists, retail managers, and other stakeholders use Tarifica’s data to receive daily plan change alerts, create visualizations of their company’s market positioning, and incorporate this critical information into key decision-making processes. Providing such mission critical data to its clients means that Tarifica’s datasets are continuously checked against the market by high-information users with significant “skin in the game” further ensuring the data’s accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Flexible Delivery – Tarifica can deliver its datasets via API, S3 bucket, or any other selected medium. Additionally, Tarifica has developed a robust data analytics platform (Arch) that is used by its operator clients to query, visualize and model its data. Access to this platform can be included in a data coverage package on request.

Expandable Coverage – Tarifica can increase its coverage to include new operators and/or market segments on request. Such expansions can typically be implemented in a matter of weeks.

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