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Global Benchmark Report

Published quarterly, the Global Benchmark Report illustrates the relative pricing of mobile services around the world. Each report presents the cost of mobile services for various consumer classes from every major MNO/MVNO in 25 countries (see page 3). At its core, the Global Benchmark Report evaluates the competitiveness of national telecommunications markets across the full spectrum of mobile services and offers.

Broadband and Fixed Line Services Benchmark Report

Published quarterly, the Broadband and Fixed Line Services Benchmark Report analyzes the relative pricing of fixed line telecom services in fifteen diverse countries across the globe. Each report presents and analyzes the cost of broadband, calling, double-play, triple-play and quad-play services from every major fixed line operator, cable/satellite provider and other fixed line participants in the selected countries.

To ensure the cross-country comparison of these diverse services is done in a fair “apple-to-apples” manner, the study utilize both OECD methodology and the rational consumer model. Each report answers questions such as:

  • How do these countries rank in terms of costs for fixed line telecom services?
  • How much does bundling impact the expected cost for plans?
  • Which operators have yet to deploy highspeed broadband plans?
  • What is the pace of adoption for quad-play offers?

At its core, the Broadband and Fixed Line Services Benchmark Report evaluates the competitiveness of national telecommunications markets across the full spectrum of fixed line services and offers.

Latin American Mobile Benchmark Report

The Latin American Mobile Benchmark Report is a quarterly deep dive into the mobile plans and pricing of 15 South and Central American countries. With its specialized geographic focus, the report is able to comprehensively compare the prices and available services across the region’s mobile sector. Each quarter, subscribers receive:

  • A robust dataset of plans and prices from all major MNOs in the 15 countries covered
  • Analysis of the most noteworthy findings and operator strategies
  • Graphical comparison of prices both within and across the countries studied
  • Quarter-over-quarter identification and analysis of trends

This report is an excellent tool for understanding mobile plans and prices across Latin America and tracking their continued evolution going forward.

The Tarifica Score™

The Tarifica Score was developed to answer a simple question: which mobile plans provide the best consumer value? The Tarifica Score answers this question through its proprietary formula designed to quantitatively determine the consumer value of all plans in a country.

The Competitor Intelligence Report

The Competitor Intelligence Report is a comprehensive quarterly report that illustrates and analyzes the evolution of mobile offers and prices in a selected country across multiple types of consumers. The report provides clear insights into the plan and pricing strategies of the major mobile operators in the country, serving as an invaluable guide to the trends in their plans, prices and offers. Each quarterly report tracks and graphs every offer from the country’s leading operators, examining all of their plans by price, service feature, device type and other metrics. In addition to the numerical and graphical data, each report includes an Executive Summary containing Tarifica’s analysis of noteworthy trends and developments in the market. These insights are combined with the data to provide a deeper understanding of the factors driving the changes and the strategy/thinking of each operator. Tarifica can produce this report on any of the countries it tracks worldwide.

Daily Tracking Service

The most dynamic and fast-changing aspect of mobile service plan development and pricing is the promotional market. In most countries, these short-term offers are an operator’s best tool to entice competitors’ customers to switch or encourage their own customers to increase their monthly mobile spend. Despite the importance of these promotions, they often pose a significant challenge for mobile operators to track, understand and counter quickly. Our Daily Tracking Service addresses this challenge by capturing all the mobile promotions in a country and providing clients with a daily customized PowerPoint that details every active plan and device offer.