3 Denmark Launches New Business Plans

3 Denmark Launches New Business Plans

Mobile operator 3 Denmark has launched three plans for corporate customers, offering unlimited calls, plus unlimited SMS and MMS, as well as LTE data allowances ranging from 1 GB to 50 GB. They are priced from DKK 149 (about US $26) to DKK 279 (about US $49) per month. The new plans coincide with the provider’s recent revamping of its switching platform for business customers, known as “3Omstilling,” which extends traditional PBX capabilities to a mobile context. The switching platform is 100 percent cloud-based and accessible by web browser.

Tarifica’s Take

Because of the ever-increasing mobility of the corporate workforce, larger businesses are fast becoming more fertile territory for mobile operators. 3 Denmark’s latest offerings, timed to coincide with its updated PBX capability, represent a vanguard approach – a bold move to take market share away from competitors, as well as traditional fixed-line operators and even equipment manufacturers. As such, we think it could be a blueprint for the industry to follow – and a model that all MNOs should think seriously about adopting.

The data allowance at the high end of the new plans should prove particularly attractive to larger businesses. In fact, we haven’t seen many plans with a 50 GB limit; that amount of data should be enough to satisfy the appetites of a considerable number of employees who need to access complex information and send and receive large files while on the road or working from remote locations. Moreover, the hosted solution, designed to essentially duplicate or even replace a PBX system, offers business customers a mobile network that provides functionality similar to what they have had, up to now, only via static, fixed-line solutions. Although a relatively small player, even in its home market, 3 Denmark has taken a bold step to move up the telecommunications food chain. With the world fast moving towards a more mobile workforce and hosted solutions, its latest initiative serves as a blueprint for other MNOs, large and small, to follow.