9mobile Launches U.S. Roaming Package

9mobile Launches U.S. Roaming Package

Nigerian operator 9mobile has introduced a package of roaming services for use in the United States, under the name 9mobile Super 50 Offer. The package provides local calls within the U.S. and calls to Nigeria at NGN 50.00 (US $0.14) per minute, incoming calls at NGN 50.00 per minute, SMS at NGN 50.00 per page, and data at NGN 50.00 per megabyte. Consumer segment director Adeolu Dairo said that 9mobile Super 50 Offer is for new and existing customers who have been concerned about their bills when visiting the U.S.

In addition, 9mobile is offering a hybrid data bundle enabling customers to use data either locally in Nigeria or while traveling in the United States. For NGN 5,000 (US $13.83), they can obtain 7.1 GB of data in Nigeria or 200 MB while roaming in the U.S., valid for 30 days, by dialing an activation code into their smartphones.

Tarifica’s Take

We always like to see innovative plans that respond directly to particular needs in the marketplace, and this prepaid one from 9mobile (formerly Etisalat) seems to fit the bill. The hybrid data bundle tips us off the fact that this offering is intended for Nigerian travelers who make frequent short trips to the U.S., which must mean businesspeople.

For the low cost of NGN 50.00 (US $0.14), these customers buy data at values that differ depending on whether that data is consumed on a roaming basis in the U.S. or at home. The at-home amount of 7.1 GB is quite generous for a full month; 200 MB is of course far less but at least affords users the flexibility of using already-paid-for data while on a short business trip, rather than buying extra.

If the hybrid package is chosen, the data actually costs half of what it would on the Super 50 plan—at the rate of NGN 50.00 per MB, users would only get 100 MB for NGN 5,000.00, rather than 200 MB. So the hybrid data package is particularly attractive for those customers who tend to use relatively more data, compared to voice.

For other users, the Super 50 plan is not only affordable but offers the advantage of extreme simplicity and clarity—all services are billed at NGN 50.00 per standard unit. This should make it easy for customers to estimate their costs and keep track of their spending.

9mobile’s offering combines flexibility and simplicity, which we believe is a winner in today’s competitive international mobile market.