Jazz and Coca-Cola Partner on Unlimited-Mobile-Data Promo in Pakistan

Jazz and Coca-Cola Partner on Unlimited-Mobile-Data Promo in Pakistan

Pakistani mobile operator Jazz and U.S.-based multinational beverage manufacturer and retailer Coca-Cola have jointly launched an unlimited-data promotion for customers in the Pakistan market. The campaign targets heavy data users, for example, those who live-stream sports content, especially during the ongoing Cricket World Cup (through 14 July). Jazz-branded Coca-Cola bottles will be available at stores across Pakistan. Coca-Cola consumers will have a chance to win unlimited Jazz Super 4G/LTE data by dialing in a code that is printed on the back of each bottle’s label.

Tarifica’s Take

We have written recently about quite a few partnerships between operators and corporations of various kinds to produce special products or promotions. This one between Jazz and Coca-Cola is certainly not noteworthy for any technological innovation or cutting-edge digital marketing concept, but it inspires admiration for its wide reach and mass appeal and by the sheer simplicity—and appropriateness—of its user interface.

The fact that the code needed to enter the contest is printed on the inside of the label guarantees that one must actually purchase a bottle of Coke in order to be able to participate in the unlimited data contest, so the offer is a certainly good one from Coca-Cola’s point of view, in terms of stimulating sales—especially during the data-ravenous Cricket World Cup period. From Jazz’s point of view, it is a good partnership because the operator’s band is advertised on every bottle of Coke in Pakistan.

And finally, the fact that the unlimited data will be given away only to a select few winners rather than to any broad swath of customers means that the operator has to sacrifice hardly any data revenue in this promotion. It seems like a win-win for both partners—and harmless fun for Pakistani smartphone users, cricket fans and soft-drink addicts alike.