Ooredoo Oman Launches data2cloud

Ooredoo Oman Launches data2cloud

Ooredoo Oman has launched data2cloud, a subsidiary that is helping businesses in Oman transform the way they operate, by using the latest cloud computing services. The operator said that data2cloud, which it calls a virtual “office in the sky,” uses its network and infrastructure to give businesses the chance to further elevate their cloud operations with a cost-effective solution and flexible, consumption-based payment plans, backed by service-level agreements. Data2cloud provides a broad set of global cloud-based products including infrastructure, backup, monitoring, security, Cloud drive, IoT, containers and email collaboration.

With three data centers currently operating across the Sultanate, data2cloud plans to open more facilities in the near future, including in Dakhiliya, to cater to increased demand for high-end cloud services in new areas.

Tarifica’s Take

With the rapid growth of cloud-based services, there is a major opportunity for telecom operators to enter this sector and derive significant revenue from it, as well as increasing their relevance and enhancing their brands.

There are many entities offering cloud services, so it is a bold move for an operator to enter; by doing so, Ooredoo Oman is getting ownership of a set of popular services that otherwise could piggyback on its network without the operator reaping much profit. Data2cloud leverages Ooredoo’s existing infrastructure while presumably adding functionalities that were developed specifically for this offering.

By providing these services to business customers, the operator is enabling them to keep up with changes in the way business is done, access the latest technology and feel comfortable in terms of  level of support and cybersecurity. Systems such as data2cloud are also good for operators in that they tend to keep business customers within that operator’s ecosystem.

In general, as revenue from traditional telecom service declines, and as competition between operators ramps up, providing value-added, cutting-edge services such as cloud computing for businesses is a very good way for operators to remain relevant and competitive.