Swisscom Makes Cloud Services a High Priority

Swisscom Makes Cloud Services a High Priority

Swisscom has appointed a new head of its recently established Cloud Products & Technology division which is charged with building a fully-automated cloud platform that is intended to absorb most of Swisscom’s product and service portfolio for its residential and business customers.

Tarifica’s Take

We believe this is an important development in that cloud services are set to form a vital strategic foundation for Swisscom (as they should for other operators around the world). With information technology, including software, storage and key business applications,  moving into the cloud, network operators, be they fixed line or mobile, find themselves in the enviable position of becoming an even more integral part of most companies’ IT solutions. Basically, an enterprise or SMB cannot maintain a cloud-oriented IT infrastructure without the help of a network operator.

In summary, cloud services truly represent a golden opportunity for operators worldwide, since there can be no access to the cloud without a network to connect to it. However, in order to benefit from this trend, network operators have to fully embrace such services and offer innovative, reliable and value added solutions for connecting large enterprises and SMBs to their cloud-based applications, as Swisscom is doing.