Vodafone Germany to Increase Data in Young Packages

Vodafone Germany to Increase Data in Young Packages

Vodafone Germany says it will increase the data volume included in its Young tariffs (for subscribers under the age of 28) and make these tariffs more flexible, according to a report. The operator will increase the amount of data in its Young S tariff from 1 GB to 2 GB; its Young M tariff will go from 3 GB to 4 GB, while the Young L tariff will contain 8 GB instead of 6 GB. The Young XL tariff will include 14 GB, up from 10 GB. The new tariff conditions will apply beginning on 17 January and will affect both new and existing customers. The prices of all the Young tariffs will remain the same as before.

Customers who use Vodafone’s GigaSwipe feature will now have the opportunity to increase the amount of data in their tariff by 2 GB instead of 1 GB, enabling users of the Young S tariff the chance to triple their data, to 3 GB per month. Under the Gigaswipe feature, customers can use the Vodafone app to trade their SMS flat rate for 1 GB of data, for example, or trade their Allnet Flat for 200 voice minutes and 1 GB of data.

Tarifica’s Take

The propensity of young users to consume large amounts of mobile data is well known, as is the general high value of young users to operators, even if their budgets are small. This across-the-board increase in data allowances for Vodafone’s under-28 subscribers without any cost increase will certainly find favor with the demographic, and will most likely help cultivate ever-greater data appetites in its members.

The data-increase increments get larger as the plans become richer, so there is also some incentive to upgrade in order to avail oneself of greater generosity. And the integration of the flexibility feature (GigaSwipe) already available for Youth plans with the data increases speaks to the overlap of young customers’ demands for flexibility and large amounts of data. In short, Vodafone is showing itself to be aware of the particular nature of the youth demographic and to be willing to tailor suites of plans accordingly and upgrade them periodically in order to keep them attractive.