Voxi Relaunches Social Tariff With Unlimited 5G Data

Voxi Relaunches Social Tariff With Unlimited 5G Data

Vodafone UK’s Voxi brand has enhanced its Voxi For Now tariff to include unlimited 5G data, calls and texts. The tariff is designed to support those suffering financial hardship and is available for £10.00 per month to anyone receiving benefits, versus the £35.00 a month it normally costs.

The tariff is offered for up to six months to people claiming Disability Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Personal Independent Payment (PIP), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), or employment-based Universal Credit. The plan is is available to anyone, not just those under 25, with Moneyhub providing Voxi with an automated eligibility-checking service.

Tarifica’s Take

Voxi is a budget sub-brand of Vodafone UK, similar to an MVNO but owned by the operator whose network it runs on. Its chief selling point has been zero-rated data for social media, allowing unlimited use of these popular services.

The present relaunch, which amounts to a 70 percent discount offer, is in line with the brand’s general approach of appealing to a lower-income demographic, insofar as it makes special provision for customers who have lost employment, have marginal employment or have a disability that affects their ability to work and generate income.

The drastic discount on 5G services may seem punishing to the operator’s bottom line, but it makes sense in terms of its mission of serving the lower-end users and keeping them connected via social media. (Also, its six-month length should limit losses for the operator.) Losing work should not mean losing contact with others, and by supporting its subscribers during difficult times, Voxi will very likely build strong loyalty, which ultimately will be beneficial in terms of revenue. If users fall away for financial reasons, they may never return, but if the operator helps them remain subscribers, they will probably continue long-term after their crisis is over.