X-Mobility Launches New Consumer eSIM Service

X-Mobility Launches New Consumer eSIM Service

U.K.-based MVNO enabler x-Mobility has announced the launch of its new consumer App eSIM service. This is a white-label consumer eSIM service for MVNOs, brands and MNOs to offer new data roaming packages to customers.

App eSIM works by allowing users to subscribe to extra data tariffs on top of the ones accessed through their physical SIM, such as subscribing to a local data plan overseas to avoid expensive roaming fees.

This complements x-Mobility’s existing AppVNOTM service, which provides subscribers with a branded calling and messaging app for signing up to additional mobile numbers.

Tarifica’s Take

There are phones with eSIMs, and there are dual-SIM phones. This product from x-Mobility appears to combine the two concepts, so that the second SIM is an eSIM. This would enable an operator to offer its subscribers access to other data plans than the one they have subscribed to with their original SIM.

One example is roaming data packages which are needed on a short-term basis while traveling, when the user does not want to get a new phone or subscribe for a service period longer than the trip itself. Other examples could include data needed for work on a personal phone or vice versa, and special gaming or streaming packages needed on a short-term basis.

As x-Mobility is an MVNO enabler, this product would seem to be best for virtual operators and budget brands of MNOs. And indeed, one of the important drivers of MVNO subscription is the desire for flexibility and economy in plan services. By allowing users to have access to extra data packages at short notice without needing a separate device, App eSIM could satisfy this criterion.  While major operators may consider using this functionality, as well, it seems best adapted for the virtual operators.