Yoigo to Offer Smartwatch for Children, With GPS

Yoigo to Offer Smartwatch for Children, With GPS

Spanish operator Yoigo is about to launch its first IoT device and tariff—a smartwatch for children called Pingonaut, according to a news report. The wearable device comes with GPS so that it can be programmed to notify parents if the child leaves a specified area. Children can also call up to five numbers with the smartwatch, which can be used throughout the EU. The Pingonaut costs €99.00 (US $116.63) for the device itself and €4.50 (US $5.30) a month for the service.

Tarifica’s Take

Much has been written about the advantages and disadvantages of putting smart devices in the hands of children, but this idea of putting them on the wrists of children is a truly innovative one that does not seem to come with much in the way of risks. Quite the contrary—it seems to us to be an inspired idea to target a wearable device to the specific purpose of providing young children with increased safety protection via position monitoring and easy, seamless communication with parents and other key people in their lives.

The Pingonaut device is relatively inexpensive, as is the monthly service fee. We expect it to be quite appealing to parents of young children, and even if it is not a huge revenue driver for Yoigo, it should be a very good way of boosting consumer confidence and brand loyalty.