4ka Offers Second SIM Free in Online Promotion

4ka Offers Second SIM Free in Online Promotion

Slovak operator 4Ka has introduced a new promotion for its prepaid customers. When buying a SIM card with at least EUR 4.00 (US $4.35) credit, customers will receive a second SIM card loaded with EUR 4.00 credit at no additional cost.

Tarifica’s Take

While the appeal of a free SIM card may vary, this promotion offers an interesting value proposition. Additional SIM cards are often associated with the need for multiple phone lines, such as for families or those with multiple devices. However, what sets this offer apart is that the bonus SIM comes with money already loaded onto it, effectively providing free money to the customer. When every bit of savings counts, the allure of free money, even if it’s just EUR 4.00 (US $4.35), can be enticing.

It’s worth noting that the inclusion of a free SIM card with credit is a rarity in the prepaid market. While some operators offer discounted second SIMs for specific purposes like tablets or smartwatches, it is less common to find extra SIM cards provided for free in the prepaid segment.

In a market where every edge counts, this promotional move by 4ka could pave the way for similar offerings in the prepaid space, though it remains to be seen how customers will respond to the opportunity for extra value and free money.