Beecell Partners with Zain Jordan on Smart SMS Service

Beecell Partners with Zain Jordan on Smart SMS Service

Jordan digital media firm Beecell has launched a new generation of smart SMS services, together with Zain Jordan. Smart SMS services are intended to replace the more traditional SMS messaging. The service was developed by Thales Group and is being provided by Beecell.

The system enables users to receive messages in real time, with an automatic vanish mode subsequent to the recipient reading the message, unlike a traditional SMS, which are stored on phones. In addition, users can also choose to interact through an instant reply option.

Tarifica’s Take

Of all the traditional services that mobile operators provide, SMS is the one whose territory has been most encroached upon by competitors, especially OTT players such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Among the reasons for users moving away from SMS are privacy concerns and desire for more features, as well as price.

If an operator intends to regain market share for SMS services, the way to do it is to enhance its features and thereby make it more competitive. Zain Jordan, by partnering with technology developer Beecell, is making an attempt to do so. The automatic vanish mode may be attractive to some users who desire more privacy and security, while the instant reply is said by the companies to be especially conducive to commercial uses. Smart SMS will allow users to “bypass the need for short codes and subscription requests,” they add.

Smart SMS may well be appealing to both consumers and business customers, but the question of price must be addressed. With so many free platforms for text communication available, with rich features, Zain and Beecell have an uphill path to tread.