Belgian MVNO Launches New Postpaid Plans, With Savings

Belgian MVNO Launches New Postpaid Plans, With Savings

Belgian MVNO Mobile Vikings has launched new postpaid plans, which the company says are up to 25 percent less expensive than the competition. In addition, the operator has added a quality guarantee, according to which any customers who are unsatisfied after a month will receive their money back. 

The new plans cost €10.00 (US $10.89) per month for 1 GB and €12.00 (US $13.07) for 2 GB, both with 150 minutes and unlimited SMS. For unlimited calls, customers pay €15.00 (US $16.34) per month for 5 GB, €20.00 (US $21.79) for 7 GB or €100.00 (US $108.94) for 25 GB. The unlimited data plan remains at €29.00 (US $31.59) per month. 

The money-back offer applies for all newly activated numbers for 30 days. The company said that it is the first Belgian mobile service provider to offer such a guarantee. 

Tarifica’s Take

Customer service always goes a long way. The specific plan features of Mobile Vikings’ new postpaid plans look appealing, and the prices are right—although we cannot make a direct and complete apples-to-apples comparison with what all the competitors are currently offering. However, what is of interest is the idea of the money-back guarantee.

With a prepaid plan, customers have the freedom to pay only for the services consumed, so as soon as they are dissatisfied they can simply stop paying. But with a postpaid plan, there is the risk of spending money for service that one ends up not finding satisfactory, so this money-back guarantee is an innovation that could help lure some new customers. And in the event that a user was unhappy with some aspect of the service, receiving a refund could convince them to stay with the operator and try the service again rather than leaving for a competitor. As a good-will gesture, it could be quite effective.