Global Benchmark Report – Q4 2018

Global Benchmark Report – Q4 2018

Tarifica is pleased to announce that the Q4 2018 edition of The Global Benchmark Report is now available.

The Tarifica Global Benchmark Report is a comprehensive study of the mobile pricing and tariffs across 25 countries and 82 major operators. The report provides an in-depth comparison of how mobile prices and offers compare across countries, regions, and operators. It includes an executive summary outlining global and regional trends, as well as analysis that identifies the competitive factors and market forces driving price movements and plan structures for each country in the study. In addition to the written analysis, the report includes more than 400 graphs of price comparisons and an Excel dataset.

The information in this report can be used to:

* Identify key cost drivers for mobile services within a country.

* Track regional trends and national discrepancies.

* Understand trends in consumer mobile use.

* Gauge the competitive environment of a country relative to other countries.

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Our Methodology:

Tarifica uses the OECD methodology for its benchmark studies. In this approach, “Model User” profiles (20 in total) are designed, each of which has specific usage requirements. Then, Tarifica’s analysts compute the least expensive plan for each profile, following the Rational Consumer model. The analysts consider factors such as plan validity periods, promotions, taxes, and one-time fees, to ensure all plans in the study are comparable.  All prices are then converted to USD and scaled using a Purchasing Power Parity factor to account for differences in the costs of living in the selected countries.