Comviq Offers One-Day 100 GB Bundle

Comviq Offers One-Day 100 GB Bundle

Tele2 Sweden’s budget mobile arm, Comviq, has become the first Swedish operator to offer a one-day 100 GB data top-up. The new service, which is called Boost, consists of an add-on package that costs SEK 55.00 (US $6.06) and expires after 24 hours. Boost, which is designed for special occasions such as streaming a favorite show, offers enough data for approximately 33 hours of high-resolution video.

Tarifica’s Take

It is important for operators to keep track of consumers’ usage practices as they evolve, and to provide offerings that respond directly to them. The present offering falls squarely into that category. Many users, especially of a budget brand such as Comviq, will not want to pay for large data allowances on a recurring basis if their actual usage of such amounts is sporadic. The Boost package allows such users to buy enough data to stream many episodes or even a complete TV series within 24 hours (assuming one or two nights), on the valid assumption that this “binge-watching” is just that—a once-in-a-while indulgence rather than a regular occurrence.

By paying only as needed for an amount of data (100 GB) that they otherwise might hardly consume in an entire month, the customer not only keeps from unnecessarily running up costs but also achieves the feeling of flexibility and control over one’s own mobile financial life that is increasingly desired—even considered essential—by today’s users.

One caveat in this offering is that the amount of data is said to cover some 33 hours of streaming, while the offer expires after 24 hours, so it is not possible to actually use all of the data. That might strike customers as odd and even possibly reduce their level of trust in the operator.