Deutsche Telekom Introduces Global IoT Connectivity Service

Deutsche Telekom Introduces Global IoT Connectivity Service

German operator Deutsche Telekom is introducing T-IoT, a system for global IoT connectivity, in partnership with T-Mobile US, saying that the service will let companies manage their connections across borders. T-IoT provides network connectivity to support NB-IoT, LTE-M, 4G/LTE and 5G, as well as management options across different platforms, including the T-Mobile Control Center and Deutsche Telekom M2M Service Portal.

The service will be available across 188 destinations, on 383 networks worldwide, with the aim of simplifying the procurement process for contracting and billing. Users in the U.S. and Europe can pay flexibly through a pay-per-data model or through unlimited connectivity packages T-IoT Unlimited Base, T-IoT Unlimited Premium, and T-IoT Unlimited Pro.

Separately, DT said it is conducting a lab test to power mobile sites using a carbon-neutral energy process from GenCell Energy, which powers telecom systems using hydrogen and ammonia. DT and GenCell will showcase the system at the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona.

Tarifica’s Take

Today’s rapidly growing IoT market is characterized by great diversity, in which users range from consumers deploying it within a small, discrete venue like a smart home, to large enterprises deploying it not only across many structures but across markets and even continents. Smaller-scale users, whether consumer or business, likely have no need of any auxiliary complex solutions such as the one DT and T-Mobile US are providing, since they need connectivity only locally. Large enterprises that do business in multiple locations and have diversified operations could benefit from a solution that unifies these venues and satisfies their technological requirements in an integrated manner. DT and T-Mobile US designed T-IoT to fulfill this need.

One of the chief selling points of this IoT solution is that it is available worldwide and is compatible with various kinds of mobile networks. This approach of offering a virtually no-limits bespoke IoT service is likely to be quite successful with enterprise customers. In addition, the fact that T-IoT provides a simplified process for contracts and billing adds to its appeal, as does the flexibility with regard to the data service plans. Like consumers, corporations value flexibility, and when it comes to very diversified operations, flexibility is key. Unlimited packages may be good for some purposes, while others may be more compatible with pay-per-data plans.

On the whole, a generously conceived, multifaceted, flexible, and international IoT solution is an excellent example of how a major operator can leverage its deep resources to create revenue streams and relationships that far transcend the traditional models of mobile service.