Educom Offers New Tariffs for Students

Educom Offers New Tariffs for Students

Austrian MVNO Educom, which operates on the network of A1, has launched a new student offer in advance of the start of the new semester. The operator has added a new data tariff and also updated its current data and voice offers.

The new offer is called Datos+ and provides unlimited data (with no roaming) at 50 Mbps, at a monthly cost of €26.99 (US $32.11). To date, the operator’s only other unlimited offer has had a speed of 21 Mbps, also with no roaming, for €19.99 a month. That offering remains in Educom’s portfolio.

The operator’s Vamos tariff, which costs €9.99 (US $11.88) a month, has had its data volume doubled to 10 GB. The Muchos tariff offers 20 GB data, voice and 2,000 SMS for €13.99 (US $16.64). Both Muchos and Vamos include EU data roaming.

Tarifica’s Take

As we have written on several occasions recently, the youth demographic is one that mobile operators consider highly desirable, and for good reason. Mobile-device-usage habits, data consumption habits, and spending habits are formed at a young age, as is brand loyalty. And since the youth demographic is large and growing rapidly, the opportunities for MNOs and MVNOs are huge.

In order to derive the greatest advantage in this sphere, operators need to target the youth market correctly, with an understanding of its specific needs and ways of interacting with an operator and consuming its products. One of the best methods of garnering youth business has proved to be the creation of MVNOs that are only for the youth market. Educom, as an education-oriented MVNO, fits within this agenda.

In the present case, by timing a new offer to the beginning of the academic year, the MVNO is positioning itself to gain many new subscribers, simply due to immediate need. What is more, by offering unlimited data at higher speed, and increasing the data in existing packages, the operator makes itself even more appealing to the target demographic. Finally, the absence of roaming in the unlimited plan is likely not a major impediment for students who are attending universities in Austria and for the most part need to stay there to complete their studies.