FreedomPop Launches Low-Data Offering for Small Businesses

FreedomPop Launches Low-Data Offering for Small Businesses

U.S. MVNO FreedomPop said that it has launched the first free phone service for small businesses. The plan offers unlimited talk and text, plus 2 GB of shared data for the first two users on the plan. Businesses with more robust data needs can purchase more data starting at US $10.00 per gigabyte. In addition, FreedomPop is also launching what it calls the world’s lowest-cost IoT mobile connectivity platform. IoT devices can now connect to FreedomPop’s global wireless network starting at US $1.00 per month.

Tarifica’s Take

With the huge proliferation of plans offering more and more data, not to mention unlimited plans (real or in name only), it is somewhat surprising, or at least counter-intuitive, to see an operator offering a minuscule amount of data. Nonetheless, FreedomPop has always defined itself against the crowd, having made its name outdoing the budget MVNOs with packages that are literally free. It makes its revenue from overages and from paid services that it offers as customers upgrade.

In this case, FreedomPop is offering a service package tailored to the needs of small businesses whose mobile devices are used much more for voice and texts than for data. The allowance of 1 GB per user per month could be quite appropriate in such situations. If the small businesses change their minds and need more data, they can purchase more through the plan.

The IoT platform is also a boon to small businesses, and can be expected to increase in appeal as more and more devices become available. A very low-cost IoT plan through the MVNO could be very attractive to small businesses and afford a seamless way to get involved with these new technologies and discover their potential.