Italian Music Journalists Create “High Fidelity” Playlists for TIMmusic

Italian Music Journalists Create “High Fidelity” Playlists for TIMmusic

TIM (Telecom Italia) has launched a new series of videos, podcasts and playlists on its TIMmusic streaming service to mark the 25th anniversary of British author Nick Hornby’s hit novel “High Fidelity.” Under the initiative, an Italian music journalist come up with a playlist every week for the next seven weeks, accompanied by a podcast and video on “the top five tips to impress with your playlist.” The “Alta Fedelta” videos are available on TIMmusic’s social channels on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, while the podcasts and playlists are available on the TIMmusic app.

TIMmusic comes with a catalogue of over 30 million songs and is available to customers of all mobile operators, although TIM users with an active data offer get zero-rated access in Italy.

Tarifica’s Take

Given the importance of music streaming services to the business models of mobile operator today, it makes sense for operators to put a great deal of thought into how those services are promoted, and to what the tastes of the target audience are. In this case, relying on well-known pop-music journalists to come up with playlists that will appeal to subscribers is a way for TIM to distinguish its TIMmusic streaming service within the Italian marketplace. Presumably these journalists are knowledgeable about the tastes of the listeners, and their taste, being influential, will also be able to draw in more listeners.

The 1995 novel, which has to do with record-store workers devising playlists that demonstrate their musical knowledge, remains popular (a 2000 U.S. film adaptation helped spread its popularity), so it is an appropriate hook for playlist offering. It is an excellent idea for TIM to make its TIMmusic catalogue available to subscribers of all operators, because not only can it expand its base for generating revenue that way, but the streaming service will also promote TIM and possible attract new customers to switch over to TIM. Even more persuasive in terms of customer acquisition is the zero-rating of data for the music streaming service, which is available on to TIM subscribers.