Movistar Mexico Unveils Customizable Mobile Plans

Movistar Mexico Unveils Customizable Mobile Plans

Movistar Mexico (Telefonica) has followed rival AT&T Mexico and several MVNOs in the country with the launch of flexible mobile plans that offer a series of customizable options for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. The plans, which are called Movistar Libre, enable prepaid users to change their options once each time they top up, while postpaid users can do so once a month. A wide range of data and zero-rating options are available via the Movistar Mx customer services app.

Movistar Libre prepaid subscribers can choose 3-, 7-, 15- and 30-day plans with 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB of data. There is also the choice of having a basic package with zero-rated access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter or a more complete package that also includes Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Postpaid users who switch to Movistar Libre can choose plans with 4 GB, 7 GB, 12 GB and unlimited data, plus a range of data-free app access options and additional YouTube and Netflix data modules.

Tarifica’s Take

Consumer discontent with the restrictions of traditional mobile plans has grown steadily, so that operators are increasingly making customizability a feature of their offerings. Lack of long-term commitment and flexibility with regard to plan features have long been important selling points for MVNOs, and more recently MNOs have been following suit.

Movistar Mexico’s approach—which is apparently spurred by some competition from MVNOs as well from as a major MNO competitor—is interesting in that it provides customizability for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. As is to be expected, the former have more flexibility, in that they can switch plan features around any time they top up, but postpaid users can still change options quite often, every 30 days as desired.

It is noteworthy that the plan features that are customizable revolve around data use rather than voice, SMS, or any other features such as network speed. Users can choose how much data they would like, as well as which and how many services will be zero-rated. For prepaid users, the data choices are tied to specific time periods, whereas for postpaid users the time period is the same (one month), regardless of the data allowance.

Users will, we believe, appreciate that the customization process can be accomplished entirely via the operator’s app. Overall, Movistar Libre seems like it will impart to a major MNO some of the qualities that attract consumers to the small and flexible MVNOs, and even postpaid customers can enjoy the benefits of customizability.