MTC Dismisses Network Deterioration Claims

MTC Dismisses Network Deterioration Claims

Namibian operator MTC has dismissed allegations that its level of service is falling, amid numerous complaints from customers about slow data speeds, poor call quality and a general worsening of overall service, according to a report. MTC spokesperson Tim Ekandjo said that the operator’s data speeds have not been compromised and that there is no performance degradation on its network. He added that the company constantly has hands on deck to ensure optimal voice and data services.

According to Ekandjo, data speeds can be affected by numerous factors, such as range from the customer’s device, the presence of apps on the phone, or data settings and the mobile technology. The same applies to the quality of calls, he said. Ekandjo noted that MTC implemented a new computerized system on 8 November 2021 to offer more effective and efficient operations, with the main aim being to improve services to customers.

Tarifica’s Take

MTC’s reaction to customer dissatisfaction about service quality is an object lesson in what not to do. Faced with a large number of complaints that are consistent with each other in alleging worsening data speeds and voice-call quality, the operator has evidently chosen to deny everything and blame the situation on customers’ devices and on environmental factors beyond its control.

While such a response may soothe the consciences of MTC executives, it does little to shore up consumer confidence. To say that the operator has all hands on deck and systems in place to improve service only suggests that these systems are wholly ineffectual. Perhaps the operator is afraid that any admission would expose it to some legal consequences or force it to spend money to make genuine fixes. In any case, the best policy in such cases is to have full transparency, accept the customer complaints and announce plans to improve the situation. Offering compensation in the form of free data or other services is also a good idea.