New MVNO With Crypto Wallet Launches on EE Network

New MVNO With Crypto Wallet Launches on EE Network

An MVNO called To the Moon Mobile is launching in the U.K. Running on the EE network, it will offer a range of flexible tariffs and a built-in crypto wallet.

Bundles start from £6.00 (US $8.06) per month for 2 GB of data, up to £25.00 (US $33.57) for 50 GB of data. Customers can select the exact amount of data they need using a bundle slider scale provided through an app interface. They will also get unlimited U.K. calls and texts and inclusive roaming within the EU (while conditions allow). The integrated crypto wallet feature will allow customers to securely manage their finances and mobile needs through a single app. Customers can sign up for a free seven-day 500 MB trial.

Tarifica’s Take

With a plethora of MVNO options available, and increasing challenges from MNOs’ sub-brands, it is important for MVNOs to distinguish themselves in the marketplace as much as possible, including in ways that go beyond simply offering low prices and, indeed, beyond traditional mobile services. The crypto wallet service offered by the whimsically-named To the Moon Mobile seems promising in this regard. Mobile money has proved itself to be very desirable across a range of demographics and spending levels, and providing built-in security through encryption would likely make a mobile money offer especially appealing. The ability for the subscriber to use the app not only to manage finances but also to manage the mobile account is also persuasive, in that simplicity and one-stop solutions in general tend to make the consumer’s life easier.

In that connection, the slider functionality in the app, which enables users to tailor their plans to their needs, is in keeping with the trend toward greater flexibility, customization and choice in plan offerings. This is another factor, beyond pricing, that makes MVNOs attractive to customers across a range of usage levels, so To the Moon Mobile appears to be thinking along the right lines.