Ooredoo Oman Offers 10 MB of Free Data Daily With App Log-ins

Ooredoo Oman Offers 10 MB of Free Data Daily With App Log-ins

Ooredoo Oman says that customers can obtain 10 MB of free data every day simply by logging in to the Ooredoo Oman app. To take advantage of this promotion, they must download the app, which is free from the Apple Store and Google Play, or log into it if they already have it.

Tarifica’s Take

As bonus-data offers go, this one is admirably simple, modest, and low-cost to the operator, and it could have results out of proportion to its size.

In a data-voracious marketplace where 1 GB of consumption a day is nothing out of the ordinary,  10 MB may seem like an ungenerous offer or an empty gesture. However, among budget-conscious or moderate data users, an extra 10 MB could count as a significant proportion of their daily usage, or at least enough to take notice of. If it does make a difference, it will of course be highly appreciated. More to the point, it is free and requires nothing but a perfunctory visit to the operator’s app, so for the user it is all upside.

Once the user logs into the app, he or she is immediately exposed to the universe of subscription and plan feature possibilities the operator has to offer, so we can imagine that over time, with enough logins, the user may well end up purchasing some extra service or devices, or otherwise upgrading its relationship with the operator. And until that occurs, the user will be at the very least strengthened in his or her brand awareness and, potentially, loyalty. So for the operator, the benefit is very substantial. And it is a win-win—the user gets free data with essentially no effort, along with a better and deeper relationship with Ooredoo.