Orange Egypt Renews Contract With Coca-Cola

Orange Egypt Renews Contract With Coca-Cola

Orange Egypt has renewed its contract with Coca-Cola Egypt and will provide mobile services and smart applications through Orange’s network and tracking services for the Coca-Cola fleet, in addition to joint advertising. Yasser Shaker, CEO of Orange Egypt, said that the operator will help Coca-Cola become more effective and efficient in its administrative system. It will also supply status tracking to follow products accurately in markets. 

Orange Egypt will provide Orange Cash services as an electronic collection method for merchants dealing with the Coca-Cola Company, which helps to reduce cash transactions and enhance the company’s cash liquidity.

Orange also provides Coca-Cola Egypt with free Wi-Fi at the company’s branches throughout the country, so that Coca-Cola’s customers and employees can stay connected. Orange will also deliver a bulk SMS service for marketing.

Tarifica’s Take

A big enough business client can benefit a mobile operator out of proportion to the actual number of lines or devices held by that subscriber, and the special relationship between Orange Egypt and Coca-Cola Egypt is an excellent example of how.

By renewing its contract with Coca-Cola, Orange is showing how this relationship has been working well and how it can grow in the future. The cooperation between two large companies, each a leader in its field, should be an example to operators in other markets as to how they can leverage their capabilities. In the case of Egypt, Orange has embraced a strategy of supporting the national government in matters relating to digital growth and financial inclusion, and the cooperation with Coca-Cola is being conceived by Orange specifically along those lines.

What makes the partnership between the operator and the soft-drink giant most interesting is that in addition to data services and other connectivity, Orange is providing non-traditional services—mobile money to reduce cash transactions, IoT for fleet and supply tracking, and mobile advertising services on its platforms. The latter will also enable Orange to benefit from co-branding.