Orange Romania Launches New Prepaid Offer

Orange Romania Launches New Prepaid Offer

Orange Romania has launched a new prepaid promotional offer whereby customers who activate a prepay option of at least €5.00 (US $5.46) credit between 14 April and 9 June will be automatically rewarded with 50 GB bonus, valid for a period of 30 days from activation. The new offer also allows customers to send “virtual hugs” to friends and loved ones from their My Orange account, with the help of prepaid ad characters called Millidge and Doig.

Both the sender and the recipient will be rewarded with a 10 GB bonus for 100 days if they have an active Orange PrePay number. Any Orange customer can participate in the campaign, but subscribers who are not part of Orange PrePay can only receive and send hugs without getting the bonus. No matter how many messages are sent, no more than 50 GB—representing five bonuses of 10 GB each—can be accumulated during the campaign.

In addition, until 28 April, customers who choose to recharge their prepaid card with a minimum of €5.00 credit from My Orange receive a 10 percent credit that can be used for data, national calls and messages or to activate an option.

Anyone can become an Orange PrePay customer by ordering a €5.00 prepaid SIM card from the Orange online store. 

Tarifica’s Take

Free-data promotional offers are of course extremely common, but this one from Orange Romania has a little distinction that we like and find very appropriate to the present moment.

We are referring to the  “virtual hug” concept of not only getting bonus data for oneself but also causing it to be given to a friend. By making it possible for 10 GB to be gifted to not only the sender but the receiver, Orange is doubling its persuasive power and reinforcing awareness that mobile telecom is a two-way street. By giving free data while getting it, an Orange prepaid customer is not only having his or her own loyalty and propensity for data use reinforced, he or she is also functioning as a brand ambassador for Orange and encouraging data use in others. A sudden gift of a substantial amount of free data is an unexpected pleasure that serves to remind a user of the benefits of using their prepaid account and impresses on them the generosity of the operator.

The “virtual hug” concept, we believe, will be especially welcome during the confinement due to the global coronavirus pandemic. People are feeling isolated from family, friends and associates, and anything, even a small gesture such as this, which tends to reestablish or reinforce connections, will resonate more than it otherwise would. In this case, the virtual hug is associated with two cartoon characters that have been brand mascots for Orange Romania PrePay for a decade, and that connection should further strengthen the operator’s brand.