PosteMobile prolongs 300GB data offer, ups roaming bundle

PosteMobile prolongs 300GB data offer, ups roaming bundle

Italian MVNO PosteMobile has extended the availability of its data only summer offer, through 15 July. Now available until at least July 15, the promotion is available for customers setting up a new number or porting their existing number to the operator, which uses the Vodafone network. The offer, called “300% Digital”, includes 300GB of 4G data at download speeds of up to 300Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps. The price has been dropped as well, from EUR 9.99 (US $10.42) a month to EUR 8.99 (US $9.38) a month.

There is no setup fee, and the data can also be used to set up a hotspot. The bundle also includes 7.37GB of monthly EU roaming data (up from 5.90GB). As this is a data-only plan, calls and SMSs are charged individually, with calls available for 18 eurocents (US $0.19) per minute and SMSs at 18 eurocents (US $0.19) each. A PosteMobile SIM card costs EUR 20 (US $20.86), with EUR 10 (US $10.43) of credit included.

Tarifica’s Take

As a data-only plan with a significantly lower price, this promotion is clearly aimed at the youth market, who prefer internet-based communication apps to standard voice/SMS. In addition, by including an increased EU roaming package in the deal, PosteMobile is likely hoping to capitalize on the start of the summer travel season and the loosening of covid restrictions.

But what is most notable about this plan is the sheer volume of data PosteMobile is offering to attract new customers. MVNOs typically offer lower-priced plans, but with correspondingly lower amounts of data. 300GB is a huge quantity of data, an amount really only rivaled by the major MNO’s unlimited plans, which are much costlier and include voice and SMS as well. “300% Digital” is therefore quite an aggressive plan for an MVNO. As it is only available to new subscribers and those switching from other plans, it appears to be an attempt to lure young and cost-conscious customers away from competitors, as well as the larger MNOs. Regardless of whether customers actually use all 300GB, the plan could also end up demonstrating to customers new to data-only plans that they don’t actually require a voice/SMS plan.