Sunrise Launches Connectivity Platform to Manage IoT SIMs

Sunrise Launches Connectivity Platform to Manage IoT SIMs

Swiss operator Sunrise said that it has introduced a Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) that allows customers to autonomously activate and manage SIM cards for IoT applications.

Existing applications can be integrated through an application programming interface (API). Sunrise’s basic IoT service includes data access with real-time data analytics, customized rate plans for SIM cards, standard reports and a transparent display of connection details. Personalized reporting is offered as an additional option. 

The IoT solution can be tailored to individual needs at any time, using Sunrise IoT Connect, a managed service with a round-the-clock help desk and service to monitor the network. The platform is hosted in Swiss data centers. In order to run Sunrise IoT Connect, Sunrise works with an ecosystem of partners in the fields of sensors, device management and data analysis, as well as IT and business process integration.

Tarifica’s Take

The vast and rapid increase in the use of IoT applications has brought about a tremendous proliferation of SIMs issued for the purposes of moving data for such applications. Sunrise’s basic IoT offering includes, beyond the basic connectivity itself, various ancillary features such as data analytics. However, it appears that there was room for a new level of support which is now being offered through the Connectivity Management Platform.

By making it easier for businesses to keep track of their IoT SIMs, Sunrise’s CMP should have the effect of encouraging the uptake of more SIMs for IoT applications. Mobile operators would do well not only to focus on enabling more and more complex functionalities to take place over these IoT connections, but also on helping customers monitor their connections in a user-friendly and seamless manner. By enabling them to manage a relatively large number of connections all at once, an operator such as Sunrise promotes the purchase of more lines and, thereby, the channeling of more revenue.

Transparency with regard to data consumption is particularly important in this regard, because if a business customer is going to subscribe to multiple IoT SIMs, it will need to be particularly conscious of costs and efficiency. If the operator is perceived as prioritizing those goals, that will strengthen its position with subscribers, with the reward being loyalty and long-term retention and growth. The round-the-clock help desk with direct human contact should also go a long way toward building consumer confidence, boosting the operator’s ability to maximize its sale of IoT SIMs.