T-Mobile Czech Republic to Introduce New Extra-Data Packages

T-Mobile Czech Republic to Introduce New Extra-Data Packages

T-Mobile Czech Republic will launch extra-data packages effective 7 June, ranging from 60 MB to 10 GB and priced from CZK 29.00 to CZK 599.00. The operator is also introducing the transfer of unused data to the next billing period.

So far, T-Mobile has been offering five extra data packages with a maximum volume of 1.5 GB, valid until the end of the billing period. Customers can now choose from eight options and transfer the unused data to the next billing period.

For CZK 249.00 (US $10.79), customers formerly got 1.5 GB; they can now receive 2.5 GB, pushing the price per GB down by 40 percent. For the 10 GB package priced at CZK 599.00 (US $25.97), the price drop runs to 63 percent.

The offer is valid for all residential and business customers, both prepaid and postpaid. The operator will also launch a promotional offer for students using one of the Student and Student Data tariffs. From 7 June, they will be able to buy the following extra data packages: 1 GB for CZK 99.00 (US $4.29); 4 GB for CZK 199.00 (US $8.63); or 10 GB for CZK 299.00 (US $12.96).

Tarifica’s Take

T-Mobile Czech Republic’s new slate of data offerings clearly reflect a belief that customers are increasingly favoring data over voice and texts in their hierarchy of needs and that dropping the cost per megabyte is the way to go in terms of revenue generation. Offering more data at lower prices would, according to that argument, motivate customers to increase their spend.

The operator’s belief is based on studies of its network traffic, showing that the consumption of minutes and SMS has remained more or less stable, while consumption of data services has increased. After launching its Mobile tariff series with significantly more data in April 2017, data consumption doubled. While customers with Mobile tariff plans consume 1.9 GB of data per month, the average mobile data consumption of those with Magenta 1 is up to 50 percent higher.

Doing this via add-on packages of 2.5 GB or 10 GB allows customers to feel that they have granular-level control over their consumption, and presumably that would constitute a comfortable way for them to increase their data allowances and spending over time.