T-Mobile Poland Introduces Unlimited Calling Plan With Family Discount

T-Mobile Poland Introduces Unlimited Calling Plan With Family Discount

T-Mobile Poland has launched an offer called T-Mobile 1 – Without Limit, which features unlimited calls (including in the EU), SMS and MMS as well as 10 GB of high-speed data, starting from PLN 30.00 (US $8.02). The packages are also available with a smartphone; this option also includes a free one-year Netflix subscription.

There are packages for couples and families as well as for individuals. Without a device the cost is PLN 50.00 (US $13.37) for individuals, PLN 40.00 (US $10.70) per person for couples and PLN 30.00 (US $8.02) per person for families. With smartphone, the prices are PLN 80.00 (US $21.40), PLN 60.00 (US $16.05) and PLN 50.00 (US $13.37), respectively. Phones available include Huawei P9 Lite (2017) and LG X Power 2 for PLN 1.00 (US $0.27) up front. The operator also offers Sony Xperia XA1, Huawei P10 Lite and other devices.

Customers porting a number from another network will get an additional monthly discount of PLN 10.00 (US $2.68) during the whole contract period.

Tarifica’s Take

With this slate of offers, T-Mobile Poland is going back to basics—which might be just the thing for this particular market. For one thing, despite the ballooning of data-hungry apps and services, traditional voice calls and text messaging are still very important to many demographic groups. And in the EU, where the relatively small size of countries and the openness of the borders makes frequent travel easy, the end of roaming surcharges means that there will be increased demand for voice calls between countries. So unlimited voice and texts make for a timely offer. (Technically speaking, the data in these plans is also unlimited, but since the speed is decreased to 1 Mbps after 10 GB is reached, we do not consider it truly so).

The pricing of T-Mobile 1 – Without Limit has been structured to incentivize couples and larger families to subscribe, with prices per person decreasing as the number of users increases. This appears to be a good approach in terms of maximizing subscriber numbers over time and cultivating the younger generations. As younger members of a family leave home and set up their own households, they will be more likely to subscribe to T-Mobile on their own if their brand loyalty has already been established.

Finally, the free subscription to Netflix is a good way to sweeten the deal (perhaps not quite so sweet as zero-rating Netflix data), although the list of available devices may not be so attractive, since high-end Apple and Samsung phones do not appear to be among them.